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WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteers: Round 2

Comic-Con International
Whether it is giving life-saving blood or stopping the euthanasia of abandoned puppies and dogs, here are some SuperVolunteers who have stepped up and made a difference in their communities by helping to save lives.


Glen W.

Glen W., Spring Valley, CA says:

"I donate every few weeks at the San Diego Blood Bank, potentially saving hundreds of lives over the course of a few years.  It helps newborns to accident victims and everyone in between.  I've been donating since I was 17 (a... few years ago) and am now very close to hitting 75 gallons. Donate at your local blood bank, and you can be super too!"

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: "Glen is one of our dedicated Comic-Con volunteers who helps run the Art Show and he donates blood every year. 75 GALLONS! It doesn't get more SUPER than that. Thanks for all you do for Comic-Con and for the community, Glen!"


Tyrone W

Tyrone, Tyrah and Zaynah W., Newport News, VA says:

"My daughters, Tyrah and Zaynah, and I have been fostering dogs through the 4 Paws Animal Rescue Foster and Volunteers organization here in Newport News, VA. We started in June of 2020 and have continued on since. The animals are rescued from kill shelters in other states and various places and brought here for fostering and then adoption.  During our fostering time we have to take the puppies and dogs to the vet for checkups and start their training. We love every minute of it." 

Sue says: "OMG, these are SUPER cute photos of SUPER cute puppies and dogs and SUPER cute kids. This is awesome, Tyrone. You have saved the lives of so many puppies and dogs. You love doing it and they love you right back! You are ALL SuperVolunteers."

Stay tuned for Round 3!