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WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteers: Round 3

Comic-Con International
People helping friends and neighbors. People helping strangers. People helping wildlife. People helping to foster pets. That's what it's all about and our SuperVolunteers are shining examples of this! Read on:

Vicky G. El Cajon, CA
Rick N. San Diego, CA
Joan R. San Diego, CA

All of them are super helpers. Here is what they say:

Vicky says: "Hi all I am still taking my friend to her eye appointments and good news is she is much better. Four hours of waiting in the car is different but I find things to do. I also got her the Covid shot and helped several of the seniors at my apartment complex set up their appointments on the website."

Rick says: "I volunteered at a mass vaccination event for the San Diego American Indian Health Center on March 17, 2021. We vaccinated approximately 350 people that day and are going to have events like this every 2 weeks until this is over."

Joan says: "I volunteer at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance as a research assistant for the Institute for Conservation Research. I observe Burrowing Owls on It’s an animal behavioral study to learn more about the animals I am observing in order to save their species. I have been volunteering at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance since 2002. I first learned to correctly observe and accurately record animal behavior when observing Giant Pandas. After the Giant Pandas left, I observed Andean Bears until the pandemic began.

During the pandemic I continue to observe Burrowing Owls virtually on and record their behavior to learn more about their species. The more we observe, the more we learn from our animal friends about their species and how to save it. You, too, can volunteer on We volunteers CAN and DO make a difference!

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: "You got that right, Joan! No photos from these folks, but while they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, I say the words from these three are worth more than any photos. They are helping to save LIVES and preserve WILDLIFE. They are making a DIFFERENCE!"


Brendan P.

Brendan P., El Cajon, CA says:

"I volunteered with the San Diego Star Wars Society to serve the community of San Diego on Saturday, March 13, through the Miracle Babies event hosted in National City. Roughly 30 members of our club volunteered to help at this drive-through event where we passed out free health, hygiene, PPE, and nutritional supplies for free to families in need. Along with my fellow club members, I participated by dressing in Star Wars cosplay… Myself as an imperial officer… And we took turns directing traffic, organizing and disseminating supplies, loading cars, & greeting and entertaining the families that attended this drive-through event.  May the force be with you… Always."

Sue says: "The FORCE is indeed STRONG in this one!! Brendan, you and the SD Star Wars Society are showing that even Imperial officers and Storm Troopers can be fun and useful sometimes. THANKS to you and the whole group for making a difference to those on planet Earth."

Carolyn and Gene F.

Gene, Carolyn & Hunter F., San Diego, CA say:

"Our family has volunteered as a team for several dog rescues for more than 20 years. Gene, Carolyn and Hunter have fostered many dogs and puppies from bottle fed babies to seniors for the Greyhound Adoption Center, Jack Russell Rescue and Del Mar Rescue, successfully finding forever homes for all. The family team has also participated in rescue outreach programs and canine blood donation. Each pup we foster goes to their new home with a little piece of our hearts!"

Sue says: "Your family team is awesome and I love that you care for senior dogs not just for puppies. I know how important that is. You are a SUPER VOLUNTEER TEAM with a lot of HEART!!

P.S. I knew those Comic-Con volunteer shirts would come in handy. What better way than cuddling a foster puppy! Awww . . ."

Check back later this week for our next round of SuperVolunteers!