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WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteers: Round 5

Comic-Con International
And now for the BIG FINALE to our WonderCon@Home SuperVolunteer Challenge
(cue fireworks)!
Jon H.

Jon H., San Diego, CA says: "Volunteering at the UCSD Petco park superstation was an amazing experience. Both days that I was there, the superstation had 6,000 appointments scheduled. I cannot wait for the pandemic to be over, and volunteering gave me hope that day might come soon enough. One of my favorite things about the experience was that many of the other volunteers were professionals that had taken vacation days at work to come volunteer (including myself)."

Sue Lord (Director of Volunteer Services) says: "Well done, Jon! You and all the others who have volunteered at vaccine centers have helped us to move forward toward a world where we can hug each other again (and hug our children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents). AWESOMENESS"

Robert L. and Steven R.

Robert L. and Steven R., El Cajon, CA say: "Today we volunteered at the Sharp Grossmont vaccine center. Since both of us are part of the exhibits department it gave experience to keep the line orderly and flowing with no hiccups. After they were given their shot we would cheer and direct them to the new waiting area in the building next door. It was a great feeling seeing people receiving their vaccine and you can see the emotion of happiness in their eyes. Just knowing that a couple hours of volunteering can help hundreds of people lives."


Sue says: "You guys rock! Another example of how our Comic-Con and WonderCon volunteers take their skills out into the community to help others. ROCK ON!"



Dan A.

Dan A., San Diego, CA: So easy to do, and it means so much to others. Donating blood always reminds him of the CCI blood drives.


Sue says: "Dan may think it's easy, but there are those of us (me) who fear the needle and we admire all those who are brave SuperVolunteers and SuperHeroes and who get in there and get it done! THANKS!"

Trisha G.

Trisha G., Rialto, CA says: "Every Saturday this month I've been volunteering with a local organization, Stronger Together Now, and helping them with their Kids Sports Bubble. It's a fun, safe way for kids to get back to playing with their friends. Every child takes a weekly covid-19 test and participates only with a negative result. The kids play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, martial arts, laser tag, and go on scavenger hunts. Everyone has a great time and parents have a hard time getting their children to leave after so much fun."


Sue says: "Wow, this is so impressive, Trisha! The pandemic has been hard on all of us, including the kids. What a great way to get them out in the fresh air, getting exercise and having fun! EXCELLENT!"


Brian A.


Brian A., Anaheim, CA says: "I helped at my church's food distribution (Zion Lutheran). Here are some photos. We helped over 200 families with food and fresh produce. It was very rewarding. We do these food distributions twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month."


Sue says: "Rewarding for you and vital for those families. This is a fabulous gift to the community! FANTASTIC!"


Thank you to all who participated in our WonderCon@Home Super Volunteer Challenge! Whether it was helping in a vaccine center, giving blood, helping people with their taxes, giving kids an outlet to play sports and have fun, fighting fires, rescuing and fostering animals, protecting wildlife, helping neighbors get to their doctor appointments, dressing up in costumes to entertain and help hand out needed supplies to families, helping at clothing and shoe drives, or helping with food distribution, all of you are SUPERVOLUNTEERS and we are proud of you and thank you for your service!!