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You Can Draw With Katie Cook 002: Super-Cat!

You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook: Super Cat!

Hello everyone! 

I though we'd start off my "You Can Draw . . ." tutorials with two of my favorite things combined: cats and superheroes! 

Click the smaller images to enlarge and view in slide show mode!

Step 1
Step 1:

Using a pencil, draw a shape a little like a potato sack (that's very technical). 

Step 2
Step 2:

Add in your ears, paws and tail.

Step 3
Step 3:

Add a face! What expressions can you draw?

Step 4
Step 4:

Add a costume. A mask and cape are the most traditional . . . but you can have fun making up your own.

Step 5
Step 5:

Using a black pen or marker, draw over your pencil lines. Erase your pencil lines to really make your drawing look clean and sharp!

Step 6
Step 6:


You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook appears the fourth Tuesday of every month on Toucan!