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You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook 003: Evil Island Lair!

Evil Island Lair Step 0
You Can Draw . . . An Evil Island Lair!

Want to design your very own hideaway for your villainous deeds? Well, how about a nice tropical island with a pirate-esque motif? Ooh la la!

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Evil Island Lair Step 1
Step 1:

First, get out a pencil! We are going to do steps 1-4 in pencil so we can erase our lines! Then the first thing we're going to draw is a skull! An evil, evil skull for our evil, evil lair.

Evil Island Lair Step 2
Step 2:

Next up, every tropical hideaway needs a volcano! How else will you get the molten lava needed to power your rocket assembly lines and your personal sauna?

Evil Island Lair Step 3
Step 3:

Then we need to draw in the land around your skull homestead and lava feature. Let's give this place a nice sandy beach! Evil lairs need a place where you can go and relax while you plan your next dastardly deed!

Evil Island Lair Step 4
Step 4:

And, in keeping with the tropical theme . . . you need some palm trees! These trees will provide you with the coconuts needed to make fruity drinks in a Tiki theme (Every villain's favorite party theme).

Evil Island Lair Step 5
Step 5: 

Now, pick up a trusty black pen or black marker. We're going to go over our pencil lines to make them nice and dark! After your lines are dry, erase your pencil lines (like one of Spider-Man's villains trying to erase Spider-Man from the world, so shall you erase your pencil lines from your paper).

Evil Island Lair Step 6
Step 6:

Now color and you're done! Just because we're making a place for no-good scum doesn't mean it can't be colorful!

You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook appears the fourth Tuesday of every month on Toucan!