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You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook 004: A Monster Attacking a City!

You Can Draw with Katie Cook
You Can Draw: A Monster Attacking a City! 

Yes, he’s a monster, and yes, he’s attacking a city, but he’s really cute and we’re sure it’s all a big misunderstanding of some kind. So don’t get upset...just draw along!

Click on the images on the left to see them bigger and in a slide show!
Monsterous Step 1
Step 1:

First, we're going to take a pencil and rough in some buildings for our monster to smash! SMASH! CRASH! BOOM! Feel free to add your house into the drawing. We wouldn't want to leave it out of the mayhem.

Monsterous Step 2
Step 2:

Next, use your pencil to add in the shape of the MONSTER! I'm going for a Godzilla-inspired dinosaur guy, so he looks like the butt of an eggplant. ROAR!

Monsterous Step 3
Step 3:

Now, our monster will need a GAPING MAW WITH WHICH TO EAT YOUR HAMS, RAR! And little arms that flail about! And eyes!

Monsterous Step 4
Step 4:

No monster is complete without sharp teeth and stylish fins on his back! Let's add some details to those buildings, too!

Monsterous Step 5
Step 5:

Next, use a black pen to go over your pencil drawing, then erase your pencil lines! Does your monster look fierce? Would he look more fierce breathing fire? Wearing a cowboy hat? You decide!

Monsterous Step 6
Step 6:

Lastly, get out your markers or crayons and add some COLOR! I like the classic green and orange combo, but I think he'd look menacing with pink polka dots, too!

You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook appears the fourth Tuesday of every month on Toucan!