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You Can Draw . . . with Katie Cook 005: A Cute Baby Dragon!

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Dragon Intro

This week's lesson comes straight from a hotel desk at an actual comic convention! Behold . . . A cartoonist in her natural habitat: a hotel room with only an iPhone and paper for company.

Dragon Step 1
Step 1:

First up, draw some circles... Like so!

Dragon Step 2
Step 2:

Now add a beak, a pair of horns, a tail, and some stubby little arms. Don’t forget the feet...all dragons need feets!


Dragon Step 3
Step 3:

Don't forget his wings and a pile of gold for him to sit on! Dragons love to horde treasure.

Dragon Step 4
Step 4:

Inking! Go over your pencil lines with a pen or marker.

Dragon Step 5
Step 5:

Erasing! (This is pretty self-explanatory. Note the big eraser in the picture.)

Dragon Step 6
Step 6:

Coloring! I pulled out my fancy watercolor paints... But you can use markers or colored pencils, too!


Dragon Step 7
Step 7:

TA-DA! Behold…A finished baby dragon! Isn't he cute? I wonder what mischief a baby dragon could get into...It may be a cartoon idea worth exploring!

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