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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 007 ... A Happy-Go-Lucky Robot!

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Robot Intro

This time around, we're going to learn how to draw a robot! Let's make him high-stepping and fancy-free! Robots are generally happy-go-lucky folks.

Robot Step 1
Step 1:

Get out a pencil! Draw two rectangles, like so.

Robot Step 2
Step 2:

Add in arms and legs! Don't forget to make him dance!

Robot Step 3
Step 3:

A few little robot-y details like claw hands, buttons, and more. Feel free to go nuts!

Robot Step 4
Step 4:

A cute face and a bow tie to top it all off!

Robot Step 5
Step 5:  

Get out a black pen or marker and go over your pencil lines. Erase the pencil and you'll be left with a nice, black outline.

Robot Step 6
Step 6:

Color! Color! Color! ... And maybe add a dapper hat.