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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 009 ... A Halloween Witch!

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Halloween Witch Introduction
How to Draw a Witch!

It's Halloween time! Let's get ready by drawing a super cute little witch... sure, witches are supposed to be scary, but isn't it much more fun to make them adorable?

Halloween Witch Step 1
Step 1:

Start off by using a pencil to draw a circle with a wobbly rectangle attached to it, like so!

Halloween Witch Step 2
Step 2:

Use that pencil to add in some basic arms, legs and the ALL IMPORTANT POINTY HAT.

Halloween Witch Step 3
Step 3:

What's a witch without a broom, curly hair, and a cute smile?

Halloween Witch Step 4
Step 4:

Use a black pen or marker to go over your pencil likes... then let it dry and erase! You'll be left with just your clean, black lines.

Halloween Witch Step 5
Step 5:

Color, color, color! Hang your cute little witch in your window, so kids know it’s a good place to stop for Trick or Treat!