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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 010 ... A Holiday Dinosaur!

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Holiday Dinosaur Introduction
How to Draw a Holiday Dinosaur!

Get out your pencils, kids! It's time to learn how to draw a festive holiday DINOSAUR! Dino Santa delivers presents to all the good little dinosaur girls and boys ... who will eventually become extinct and turn into coal for the other Santa to give to naughty children.

Holiday Dinosaur Step 1
Step 1:

First up, draw this weird shape.

Holiday Dinosaur Step 2
Step 2:

Now, make that shape smile and dance!

Holiday Dinosaur Step 3
Step 3:

Next up, let's add Santa's hat and bag! Don't forget his coat!

Holiday Dinosaur Step 4
Step 4:

Now, get out a black pen or marker and go over your pencil lines ... then erase your pencil lines and you'll have a nice, outlined drawing!

Holiday Dinosaur Step 5
Step 5:

Color, color, color! I'm just thinking out loud here, but wouldn't this look great cut out and hung on your tree? I'm JUST saying ...

Happy Holidays, everyone!