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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 011: A Valentine's Day Whale!

A Valentine's Day Whale

Love is in the air this month! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and nothing says "be mine" like a ton of cute whale blubber. So, let's draw that, shall we?

Click on the images to see them bigger on your screen and in slide show mode!
A Valentine's Day Whale Step 1
Step 1:

First, draw a blobby, ghost shape... like so!

A Valentine's Day Whale Step 2
Step 2:

Next, we're going to add a wrench ... I mean tail. Also, fins and a happy face!

A Valentine's Day Whale Step 3
Step 3:

What's a valentine without a heart coming out a whale's blowhole? It's not a valentine at all, that's what.

A Valentine's Day Whale Step 4
Step 4:

Next, we're going to ink over what we've drawn! I inked the "water" in blue! 

(Erase your pencil lines too!)

A Valentine's Day Whale Step 5
Step 5:

Bust out your crayons, markers or paints! Color it up and add a sweet pun ... PERFECT! Now hand off your drawing to your sweetie ... or your cat ... they may be one and the same.