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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 014 ... A Dinosaur with a Balloon!

You Can Draw 014 Intro

This time around, we’re going back in time to visit everyone’s favorite extinct animals. It’s time to draw a dinosaur … with a balloon, of course!

You Can Draw 014 Step 1
Step 1:

Pencils out! Now draw a sack of potatoes.

You Can Draw 014 Step 2
Step 2:

Now, turn that potato sack into a dinosaur! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

You Can Draw 014 Step 3
Step 3:

That little dinosaur needs a balloon, doesn't he?

You Can Draw 014 Step 4
Step 4:

Inking! Use a black pen or marker and go over your pencil lines. Erase your pencil lines and you'll have a nice, sharp picture.

You Can Draw 014 Step 5
Step 5:

Color! What color is you balloon?