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You Can Draw with Katie Cook 015 ... A Classy Narwhal!

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A Classy Narwhal Introduction

For May’s drawing lesson, it seems appropriate to tackle a classy narwhal. After all, it is Prom season.

(A narwhal is a “medium-sized toothed Whale”... you learn something new every day!)

A Classy Narwhal Step 1
Step 1:

Grab your pencils! It's time to draw the thing that geometry geeks everywhere love … a circle.

A Classy Narwhal Step 2
Step 2:

We're drawing a Narwhal, right? We should probably give that circle fins, a face, and a magical unicorn horn.

A Classy Narwhal Step 3
Step 3:

What makes this little guy classy? Why a top hat and a monocle, of course! Draw them in!

A Classy Narwhal Step 4
Step 4:

Use a black pen or marker to go over your pencil lines … then erase your pencils!

A Classy Narwhal Step 5
Step 5:

Color! In retrospect, I probably should have made him purple. Purple is classy.