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Yanick Paquette

Yanick Paquette

Artist, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman: Earth One

Yanick Paquette is a Shuster Award-nominated Canadian penciler. Since 1994 he has worked for Topps, Marvel, DC, WildStorm, and Vertigo Comics. Among the titles Paquette contributed to are Wonder Woman, Superman, Avengers, Codename: Knockout, Gambit, Gen¹³, JLA, Negation, Superman: The Man of Steel, Civil War: X-Men, Wolverine Weapon X,  Terra Obscura with Alan Moore, and Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer with Grant Morrison. Paquette was the regular artist on Ultimate X-Men and helped launch Young X-Men in 2008. He later supplied the art for Morrison's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 and Batman Incorporated. He was the artist on the New 52 Swamp Thing with writer Scott Snyder. Teaming-up again with Grant Morrison, he is currently illustrating the original graphic novel Wonder Woman: Earth One.