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Hey there, welcome back to Comic-Con! We’re so stoked to have you join us again for everything we have in store for you. It’s all about reconnecting with the community you love and making those unforgettable memories with new and old friends. Your film-accurate costumes and creative couture always take Comic-Con to the next level of epicness! We really hope you get to meet your heroes and soak up every single minute of this event. And hey, a huge shoutout to all the amazing creators, artists, and collectors who keep bringing us joy and laughter, even during the tough times. You guys are the real superheroes! Comic-Con is like a home away from home, where you can be your geeky, nerdy self and find a family of friends who accept and embrace you. We can’t thank you enough for choosing Comic-Con year after year, through thick and thin. Seriously, we couldn’t do this without ya. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything. Get ready for an incredible time at Comic-Con!

Bill Watters, WonderCon, Anaheim Convention Center, 2022
Bill Watters, WonderCon, Anaheim Convention Center, 2022