Update Your Badge Shipping Address Now

Prepare for an unforgettable WonderCon 2024 with our essential updates on badge shipping and address verification, ensuring a seamless and exciting experience ahead.

Greetings WonderCon 2024 enthusiasts!

As the highly anticipated WonderCon 2024 approaches, wouldn’t it be nice to have your badge shipped directly to you? To get it started, we have some important badge shipping and address verification updates that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Advance Shipping for Devoted Attendees!

If you’re one of our devoted attendees who purchases a WonderCon 2024 badge by February 20, 2024, here’s some fantastic news – your badge will be eligible for advance shipping! To make sure your badge reaches you seamlessly, ensure that a domestic address is saved as the “Primary Shipping Address” in your Comic-Con Member ID account by the same date.

Badges will start shipping 3-4 weeks prior to the grand event on March 29, 2024. You will be notified once badges begin shipping, and tracking will be available in your Member ID account!

International Attendees 🌎

Please note that badges cannot be shipped internationally. However, you can pick up your badge on-site! If you prefer having your badge shipped to a US address, please find your instructions below.

How To Update Your Shipping Address

First, please log in to your Member ID account and find the My Addresses section of your Account Dashboard. Then, follow the appropriate set of instructions below.

You have an existing address you’d like to make your Primary Shipping Address :
Click the yellow ✎ Edit button. At the bottom of the Edit Address page, check the ☑Primary Shipping Address box. Press Save. If you see a gray Shipping bubble below the address, you have successfully updated your shipping address!

You would like to add an address to be your Primary Shipping Address :
Click the yellow +Add Address button. Enter your desired shipping address. Check the ☑Primary Shipping Address box at the bottom. Press Save. If you see a gray Shipping bubble below the address, you have successfully updated your shipping address!

Beyond the Basics

  • Only one address can be saved as your ☑Primary Shipping Address. Once you check the box next to ☑Primary Shipping Address on a new address, it will be removed from any address it was previously set on.
  • The Address Type dropdown is for your use only. It does not control where your badge is shipped! You can save multiple addresses with a Shipping address type, but we will only ship badges to the ☑Primary Shipping Address.
  • Attendee badges are shipped directly to the badge holder. If you purchased a badge for a friend or family member, make sure they update their ☑Primary Shipping Address as well!

Visit our Badge Shipping page for any additional questions not covered here.

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We can’t wait to see you at WonderCon 2024, and we’re committed to making your experience unforgettable. Keep an eye on our updates, and get ready for an extraordinary event!

See you soon at WonderCon!