Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration

First Look FAQs and Date Announcement

Unlock the excitement of Comic-Con 2024 with our insider guide to Returning Registration! Discover the key dates, eligibility criteria, and pro tips for participation in this must-read blog.

Registration Update Toucan

To attend Comic-Con 2024, you will need to participate in one of our two attendee badge sales events: Returning Registration or Open Registration. It’s important to keep in mind that there are many more participants than there are badges available, so securing your spot is highly competitive.

Our initial badge sale, Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration, is exclusively for our valued returning attendees. We’re here to address some of your most pressing questions below, so stay tuned as we unveil further details about our badge sales in the upcoming weeks.

Date Announcement

Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration has been set for November 4, 2023!

Keep an eye on our official channels for updates: Comic-Con Member ID emails, website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Toucan – the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon.

2024 Returning Registration


WHAT is Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration?

Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration is the first of two attendee badge sales. It’s exclusively for those who attended Comic-Con 2023. The process involves a randomized virtual waiting room.

(Please read the “Who is Eligible?” question below.)

WHO is Eligible?

Returning Registration is open to all Comic-Con 2023 paid attendees. To check your eligibility:

1. Log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account
2. Go to your Account Dashboard.
3. Look for “Eligibility: Comic-Con 2024 Returning Registration” under your name, Member ID, and email.

WHO is NOT Eligible?

The following member types are not eligible for Returning Registration and will have separate registration dates:

  • First-time attendees
  • Professionals
  • Guests of professionals (paid or complimentary)
  • Exhibitors (and exhibitor-purchased attendee badges)
  • Retailers
  • Volunteers
  • Staff
  • Retailers
  • Complimentary passes
  • Press
WHERE is Returning Registration?

Returning Registration takes place in our Member ID Portal where the Queue-it virtual waiting room will open one hour before the sale begins. If it’s been a few years since you participated in one of our badge sales, you’ll notice it looks a little different! It’s now hosted by Configio, which offers an improved registration experience for our prospective attendees.

Can I Buy Badges for FRIENDS or FAMILY?

Yes! You can purchase badges for up to three people, including yourself. However, everyone you are purchasing for must also be eligible to participate in Returning Registration. You’ll need their Member ID and last name as it appears on their Member ID accounts (including special characters and punctuation, if applicable).

Check our Toucan blog next week for a special post on badge buying for friends or family. 

(Please read the eligibility questions above to determine your friends’ eligibility and encourage them to check their Member ID accounts.)

How do CHILD Badges work?

Children ages 12 and under are free with a paid adult! We’re proud to offer one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry. So bring your kiddos and start making memories at our next Comic-Con. Click here for more information on our Child Badge Policy.

Am I Guaranteed a Badge?

Participating in Returning Registration does not guarantee you a badge, regardless of when you enter the waiting room. Due to high demand, there are more eligible attendees than available badges.

Can I Participate in Open Registration?

If you have a valid and confirmed Member ID, you are eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2024 Open Registration. Your participation in Returning Registration will not impact your eligibility for Open Registration.

Checklist time

That’s a wrap for now! Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming badge sales, including tips on how to get ready. Here’s a quick checklist to kickstart your prep before the day of sale:

Log in to your Member ID account (You can’t participate if you can’t log in!)
Confirm your eligibility for Returning Registration
Make sure your email address is current
Opt in for our email communication
EXTRA: Hoping your friends can join in the fun? Make sure they check their eligibility as well!!