Child Badge Policy

Comic-Con is proud to offer one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry

Children (age 12 and under) are free with a paying adult! You may register up to two (2) children per paid adult attendee on-site. Children do not need to (and should not) create a Comic-Con Member ID to receive a complimentary child badge. Children must be present to be registered for a badge, and adults will be required to provide emergency contact information for any child registrant.

Child badges are not registered in advance. Please visit the Registration Area when you arrive on-site for more information.

Child-to-Junior Transition

To accommodate the transition from child (age 12 and under) to junior (age 13-17), we have set a static date to determine who is considered a child for Comic-Con 2024.

If they were at least 13 years old on July 31, 2023, they must have their own Comic-Con Member ID created in order to purchase a badge to attend Comic-Con 2024.

If your child was age 12 or under on July 31, 2023, they do not need a purchased badge for Comic-Con 2024. They may attend as a child for free as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

If your child attends Comic-Con with you for free, but they will be considered a junior for the next Comic-Con, there is an opportunity for them to become eligible to participate in the next Comic-Con Returning Registration badge sale. Check this page shortly after Comic-Con for details on the Child-to-Junior Validation period.

child-to-junior validation – CLOSED

The Child-to-Junior Validation period for Comic-Con 2024 was August 22–September 20, 2023.

Did your child attend Comic-Con 2023 with a free child badge, but will be considered a junior attendee at Comic-Con 2024? If so, September 20, 2023, was the last day you had available to validate their child-to-junior status in order for them to be eligible to participate in Returning Registration for Comic-Con 2024.

If you missed the validation deadline, your junior child may still be eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2024 Open Registration at a later date. Keep an eye on our website and your email for constant up-to-date information on all things Comic-Con 2024.