Comic-Con Museum Field Trip Important FAQs:

Useful Information for a Successful Visit

Can students bring backpacks?
  1. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that students do not bring backpacks, and that lunches are contained in coolers or other large, collective containers. We will store these large containers behind our ticket desk for easy access at lunch time. Additionally, any items students might take home with them from the field trip (e.g., items they make in the makerspace), will be packaged for easy transport and redistribution upon your return to school. 
  2. However, if students bring backpacks, we will ask them to store those in a central location, rather than carry them throughout the museum.
How can I pay for museum admission?
  1. We accept checks, purchase orders, or cash the day of the field trip. We understand that numbers change, and therefore remain flexible with receipt of payment. 

You can also arrange a time to pay by credit card over the phone by emailing

Do you issue refunds?
  1. We do not issue refunds less than 48 hours in advance of your scheduled trip, regardless of whether you take the trip with the number of students you reserved initially. We hold this policy because regardless of whether you take the trip, we reserve staffing and space in our museum for the trip to happen, which has a cost associated. 
  2. We accept cancellations up to 48 hours before the trip is scheduled to occur. If the trip is canceled less than 48 hours in advance of your reserved date, you will be responsible for the entire balance of the field trip. Again, this is to recoup the cost of staff time and facility space reservation.
How many floors are in the museum?
  1. We have three floors in the museum. The main exhibit and gift shop are on the first floor. The lower level includes our theater and cosplay exhibit. The second floor includes our education center (Cox Innovation Lab and Conrad Prebys Art Studio) and our comics-focused exhibit along the mezzanine.
Where can I find a restroom?
  1. We have restrooms on each floor of the museum. We have a gender-neutral restroom on the second floor. Please ask staff to escort you to the gender-neutral restroom if you require it. 
Where can we eat lunch?
  1. The Comic-Con Museum doesn’t have a dedicated indoor space for eating lunch. Therefore, we advise school groups to bring bag lunches and plan to picnic on our lawn, or at tables in the plaza in front of our neighbors, the Air and Space Museum and the Automotive Museum.
What should I do in case of emergency?
  1. In case of emergency, please look to Comic-Con Staff to lead you through the following procedures (when in doubt, dial 911):
    1. Fire/Other Evacuation: Please proceed to the nearest fire exit, which are clearly marked. 
    2. Earthquake: Please duck and cover in place, preferably underneath a piece of light furniture, like a desk or table. 
    3. Active Shooter: Please shelter in place. Comic-Con staff will call 911, and will undertake efforts to contain any threat. 
  2. What should I do if there is an emergency and no Comic-Con staff available?
    1. Call 911 immediately and explain that you are at the Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park. The address is 2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA, 92101. 
    2. Notify the Director of Education, Dr. Emily Schindler, at 6125986771, by call or text.
Do you have gift shops in the museum?
  1. Yes. We currently have one gift shop in the museum. We advise visiting groups to form a policy for youth visits to the gift shop before you arrive at the Comic-Con Museum to avoid any potential conflicts.
What kinds of other safety rules do you have in place?
  1. There is no running in the museum. 
  2. Some objects in the museum can be touched, and some cannot. Please review this fact with your students before you arrive. Instruct your students to ask before touching items in the museum. 
  3. Students who consistently violate these procedures will be asked to leave the museum. 
How can I provide feedback to the Comic-Con Museum on our field trip experience?
  1. After your visit, you will receive a Google Form survey, which we will ask you to share with all of the adult chaperones on your team. We will use this feedback to improve our program for your next visit, and for other groups from across Southern California. 
  2. Additionally, we will share an *optional* feedback survey designed for students to tell us about their field trip experience, and report on what they’ve learned at the Comic-Con Museum. We will make these aggregated results accessible to you once they are analyzed, likely about one month after your visit.
If I take a self-guided trip when the makerspace is open, can we use the makerspace?
  1. Self-guided field trip attendees are welcome to visit the makerspace if it is open. However, we will only reserve eight spots to dedicate to large groups. So, expect to wait in line, or have another plan to cycle eight learners and chaperones (1 adult required for every eight children) through the two available tables. If you would like to be assured that you will be able to use the makerspace, we encourage you to book the makerspace as part of your field trip.