Comic-Con Museum ED ACCESS Field Trip Request

Please fill out this form in order to request a free or subsidized visit + bus transportation to Comic-Con Museum. Note the following conditions: 

  1. Ed Access field trips are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. When we release dates in August, January, and June, applicants will be offered a trip up to three times. After a third time with no response or inability to visit, they will be removed from the waitlist and will need to re-apply. 
  2. Ed Access field trips include a self-guided visit to Comic-Con Museum, as well as a private Makerspace educational program, for up to 72 students. Bus reimbursement is included for one bus. If a school would like to pay for additional learners, we are able to accommodate up to 100 learners in a single field trip with Makerspace. However, the school would be responsible for the additional transportation and admission cost. 
  3. Ed Access field trips are only offered on specific dates, which may or may not fall within the academic year in which you are applying, depending upon your position on the waitlist. If you would like to take a field trip on a specific date, you will need to request a paid trip. 
  4. Teachers may request one Ed Access trip per school year, but they may only occupy one position on the waitlist. 

If you have questions about your field trip request, please email

Comic-Con Museum ED ACCESS Field Trip Request Form

Comic-Con Museum ED ACCESS Field Trip Request Form

Program Information.

Below, please tell us about your learners.
Select all applicable grade levels attending this field trip. If you plan on bringing multiple grades, for instance 6-8, please select 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.
How many learners will be attending?

Minimum # of learners = 10

Maximum # of learners = 72 free; up to 120 total

Note: Ed Access trips pay for up to 72 learners and one bus to and from the museum. However, schools may choose to pay for bus and admission for additional learners, up to 120.

How many chaperones will be attending?

PK-2nd grade – required adult/student ratio = 5:1

2nd grade-12th grade – required adult/student ratio = 10:1.

Required chaperones, including teachers, enter free of charge. Additional chaperones are $25 per person. Please count yourself in this number, if applicable. If more chaperones are necessary due to special needs, please indicate that in the notes at the end.

How many students with special needs will require an aide?

(please include aides in your number of chaperones above)

How many students require information presented in a language other than English?
Contact and Bus Reimbursement Information
Please fill out the items below in order to receive reimbursement for your bus transportation. Teachers are responsible for booking their own bus and submitting invoices to Comic-Con Museum within ONE WEEK of your trip. Bus invoices and reimbursement information should be mailed to:
Reimbursement Contact Information
This information will be used to communicate with whomever will be responsible for submitting invoices and receiving reimbursement.
BUS REIMBURSEMENT Contact First Name(Required)
BUS REIMBURSEMENT Contact Last Name(Required)
BUS REIMBURSEMENT Address (to send reimbursement check)(Required)
This contact information is for the person who will be responsible for learners on-site at Comic-Con Museum during the field trip and may be used for communication before or day of the field trip.
Who is booking this field trip? Only select one.(Required)
Field Trip contact is: Note: The Field Trip Contact must be physically present at Comic-Con Museum on the day of the visit.(Required)
Field Trip Contact First Name
Field Trip Contact Last Name
Please read and check to show understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions:(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.