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Oct 4-Aug 21, 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of POPnology, Comic-Con Museum’s latest interactive exhibit that demonstrates the connection between pop culture and real-world technology!

Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman

Oct 4-Apr 30, 2024

Comic-Con Museum presents Colleen Doran Illustrates Neil Gaiman, an exhibition of original art by the award-winning artist Colleen Doran for her illustrations of stories by Neil Gaiman including Chivalry, Snow, Glass, Apples, The Sandman, Troll Bridge, American Gods,

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From Big Dots to the Digital Universe: The Evolution of Comic Book Color

Oct 4-Aug 21, 2024

Embark on a journey through the vibrant history of comic book coloring with Comic-Con Inkpot Award recipient Steve Oliff! This exhibit will take guests through a mesmerizing transformation from big dots on paper to the cutting-edge realm of computer-generated hues.

Excelsior! The Life and Legacy of
Stan Lee

Jul 18-Mar 1, 2024

This year, Comic-Con Museum and Kartoon Studios, the controlling partner to the “Stan Lee Universe” IP, present a first-ever exhibit to celebrate his 100 years of legacy. The exhibit will feature rare comic books, original art, and paintings exploring decades of Lee’s work, and a…

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Cowboy Bebop
25th Anniversary Art Exhibition

Jul 18-Mar 1, 2024

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic anime “COWBOY BEBOP,” a gallery of commissioned art was created to capture the essence of the series’ iconic characters, settings, and themes through the unique style and interpretation of the artists. The creation of…

My Hero Academia Installation

Jul 18-Jan 30, 2024

Presented by Crunchyroll, the statue of the “Historical Battle in Kamino” from “My Hero Academia” is a stunning representation of the epic fight between All Might and All For One in Season 3 Episode 48. By capturing this iconic moment, the statue showcases the…

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