May 2021 Educational Series

May 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021

May 2021 Educational Series

This month's panels explore what it takes to put on an educational pop-up exhibit, a behind-the-scenes look at a graphic novel that's also a science book, and strategies for including comics in high school curricula. 

“How Did You Survive”: Using Interactive Displays to Teach About The Holocaust •

There is more to education than what is in a book. Education can be displayed on panels. Holocaust educators Susan Dubin, Esther Toporek Finder, and Heidi Straus talk with Sandra Scheller (Try To Remember Never Forget) about displaying books and creating pop up panels that can be used as an interactive display. Both Esther Finder and Heidi Straus created the pop up exhibit “How Did You Survive” These Holocaust themed panels can be used practically anywhere. Learn to create panels by starting with a theme and include personal experiences.

The Curie Society: Centering Science in Graphic Novels •

Do books and fiction have a role in science education? We certainly think so. This panel provides a behind-the-scenes view of The Curie Society, an original graphic novel created by Heather Einhorn & Adam Staffaroni (Lethal Lit, Daughters of DC, Free Hexel) of Einhorn’s Epic Productions and published by MIT Press (in stores now). It’s an exciting story with real science, inspirational characters, and some creative history. Join moderator Nadja Oertelt (Massive Science) in conversation with panelists Joy Barnes-Johnson (science educator), Kasia Chmielinski (science advisor), and Janet Harvey (The Curie Society).

Kapow! Woosh! Zap! Electrifying Learning Through Comics in the High School Classroom •

With a focus on comics in the high school classroom, this group of super teachers is excited to share their passion for comics with their students by creating rich educational experiences using comics as a medium. In this panel we discuss some of our favorite comics to teach, as well as resources and strategies for teaching comics in the classroom. Find the slides at and additional resources at Panelists: Facilitator, Jewyl Alderson Clarke (Integrated Curriculum Coordinator, San Diego County Office of Education), Mick Rabin (Youth Advocacy Department, San Diego Unified High School District), Dizzy Rogosin (History, Olympian High School, Sweetwater UHSD), Joanna Sargent (Librarian, Garden Road Elementary, Poway USD), and Scott Nielsen (Special Education, Santana High School, Grossmont UHSD).

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April 2021 Educational Series


April 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

THURSDAY, APR. 15, 2021

April 2021 Educational Series

The month’s panels look at a group of people doing inspiring things in education, explore storytelling from a variety of perspectives in kids comics, and how to choose graphic novels for students.

The Superhero League of Learning •

Join Francis Kong, as he moderates a panel of special individuals who are doing amazing things in education and who have been inspired by childhood superheroes. On this panel, you'll meet Jim Kwik (National best-selling author of Limitless) - whose mission is to help people improve the ways they learn new materials through his books and online media resources, Eric Basu, (Former Navy SEAL Commander and Founder of The World of Haiku) - who has created an online cyberpunk game that teaches actual hacking skills and train players to qualify for real-world six-figure cybersecurity careers and Tina Kim (Middle School Teacher of Year Recipient and 2018 Miss Asian Global Scholastic Title Holder) - who integrates pop culture, games, movies, costumes, stories, and imagination into her classes to inspire our future leaders. Come see how they are challenging and breaking the archaic system of education with innovative insights on not just the subjects we teach, but more importantly, how we could and should better teach the next generation.

Exploring Culture in Kids Comics •

Author-illustrators Rumi Hara (NORI), Kiku Hughes (DISPLACEMENT), and Jose Pimienta (SUNCATCHER) discuss their new graphic novels featuring POC protagonists, with middle school librarian Carla Riemer. This conversation goes beyond the importance of D&I in kids comics, to celebrate excellent storytelling from a variety of perspectives. Produced by the CBC Graphic Novel Committee.

How to Find and Choose Graphic Novels for Students •

Looking for graphic novels for your students? Help is on the way! The current boom in graphic novel publishing has created a dizzying array of high-quality graphic novels over a wide range of genres, topics, and audiences. Join our awesome group of teachers and librarians as we discuss where to find high-quality reviews and title  recommendation lists, how to choose titles and match readers to texts and tasks, where to find books in both print and digital formats, and more. Jillian Ehlers (NYC School Librarian, NYCSLA President), Shveta Miller (author of Hacking Graphic Novels, Literacy Consultant and Instructional Coach, Director of Curriculum at Reading With Pictures), Karina Quilantán-Garza, MLS (Library Media Specialist, Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee Member), Christina Taylor (Librarian, VP Social Media, Reading With Pictures), Jana Tropper (Speech Language Pathologist, Director of Literacy, Reading With Pictures). Moderator: Tracy Edmunds (VP K-12 Education, Reading With Pictures)

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Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!


Pop Culture STEAM Curriculum

THURSDAY, FEB. 25, 2021

Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!

Attention educators! Looking for a way to infuse some extra fun into the classroom? Check out Cardboard Superheroes – Teachers Edition!

The brand-new Pop Culture STEAM Curriculum builds Next Generation Science Standards onto our love for iconic characters. Each hands-on lesson is designed to enhance student creativity while helping develop artistic skills, math comprehension, basic engineering and architecture techniques, design processes, and even inspire future career paths. Over the course of 10 tutorials, students will build mini-cardboard models such as Captain America’s Shield, Wall-E, and more. For teachers, each model will include pre-recorded video instruction, PDF templates, student worksheets, reference images, and teacher guides. To see a more detailed overview of the curriculum, download the Guide and Overview here.

Ready to get started? We sure are!

February 2021 Educational Series


February 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

THURSDAY, FEB. 18, 2021

February 2021 Educational Series

This month’s panels explore humor in kid comics, reading and learning through visual storytelling, and the connection between creativity and mental health.

Laugh & Learn: Humor in Kids Comics •

What do you call a graphic novel with no humor? An adult graphic novel! But seriously: humor is key to many beloved children’s comics. In this panel, discover new funny books that will leave kids gleefully giggling and loving to read. Panelists include Lincoln Peirce (Big Nate), Sarah Kuhn (The Riverdale Diaries), Mika Song (Donut Feed The Squirrels), and Art Baltazar (Gillbert). The discussion will be moderated by Brigid Alverson (School Library Journal).

Comics and the Art of Visual Storytelling •

With the growing global awareness of visual literacy, there are elements of storytelling that have always been a natural part of our reading and learning experience. These panelists will talk about what these elements are, how they have developed and why the comics world has always been an important part of our reading and learning. Panelists include story consultant/author/master storyteller Kendall Haven (Story Smart: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Inspire, Influence, and Teach), Professor of Art + Design Education at Northern Illinois University Dr. Kerry Freedman (Teaching Visual Culture) and award-winning freelance writer, comic book creator, playwright, teaching artist, international and educational consultant Alex Simmons (Blackjack). Moderated by publishing industry veteran John Shableski (Reading With Pictures).

The Importance of a Creative Outlet for Mental Health •

This year has brought the importance of mental health to our full attention. With thousands of people losing their jobs, the uncertainty of the world's future, and the deaths of many loved ones, we need new ways to keep our spirits up and our hopes strong. Join us as we discuss the connection between creativity and mental health with Dr. Steven Chan (Clinical Assistant Professor, Standford Medical Center), Dr. Alicia Zhou (Chief Science Officer, Color), and Liezl Fernando (Manufacturing Engineer, Bluepoint Controls) - Moderated by Dr. Francis Kong (Curator & Founder, Imagine Talks). They will share their insights on how to create a healthier mental outlook as we break through this challenge in our history together.

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January 2021 Educational Series


January 2021 Comic-Con Educational Series

THURSDAY, JAN. 21, 2021

January 2021 Educational Series

Our first group of panels look at comics for K-2nd grade readers, teaching graphic novels on college campuses, and teaching civic awareness with comics.

Comics for the Youngest Readers (K-2) •

Creators Jenni Holm (Babymouse, My First Comics), Andy Runton (Owly), Dan Santat (Harold and Hog Pretend for Real, The Cookie Fiasco), and Jeff Smith (Bone, Little Mouse Gets Ready) chat with Debbie Huey (Programming Specialist for San Mateo County Libraries and creator of Bumperboy) and moderator Tracy Edmunds (Graphic Novels are Elementary!) about comics for K-2 readers. Find out why comics are a great medium for boosting literacy and practicing comprehension skills, and enjoy fascinating stories about the creation of these fantastic books.

The Complexities of Teaching Graphic Novels on College Campuses • 

It's taken a while, but there's never been a time when graphic novels and comics have been so embraced by universities and colleges in formal classes, studies and even comic conventions. This panel provides an inside look at ground-breaking courses by the professionals and academics who are bringing Geek Culture to campuses nationwide (and beyond)! Join Paul Levitz (Columbia University), Rob Salkowitz (University of Washington), Frank Cammuso (Syracuse University) Darlyne Overbaugh (Ithaca College), Chris Irving (Virginia Commonwealth University) and moderator Ed Catto (Ithaca College).

Continuing John Lewis' "March": Comics to Teach Civic Awareness •

Panelist Meryl Jaffe, PhD (educational consultant/author, Worth A Thousand Words: Using Graphic Novels to Teach Visual and Verbal Literacy), Talia Hurwich (doctoral candidate, NYU and author Worth A Thousand Words: Using Graphic Novels to Teach Visual and Verbal Literacy), Andrew Aydin (author March, and Registered), Fred Van Lente (author Action Activists, Action Philosophers, Action Presidents) Ryan Dunlavey (author Action Activists, Action Philosophers, Action Presidents), Jenna Ryall (Senior Instructional Specialist, NYCDOE), Brian Carlin (Senior Instructional Specialist, NYCDOE) and Yohuru Williams (founding Director of the Racial Justice Initiative, University of St. Thomas, author Teaching U.S. History Beyond the Textbook discuss: the importance of March when teaching civics; how Senator John Lewis helped shape our world today - engaging so many in thought, in action, and in civil service; and  how we use March to teach civics in New York City classrooms.

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