Open Registration

Open Registration 2024 Survival Guide

The time has come! With Comic-Con 2024 Open Registration happening this Saturday, we’ve created this  quick directory of essential badge sale information. For each resource below, you’ll find a summary of its contents to maximize your last-minute studying!


November 18, 2023


Waiting Room: 8:00 AM PST
Badge Sale: 9:00 AM PST

Please ensure you are in the waiting room before the badge sale starts.


Member ID Portal

Getting your Badge

Resource: Comic-Con Website – Badges

  • A general how-to on how to attend Comic-Con
  • Badge prices for Comic-Con 2024
  • General badge purchase FAQ

A Comprehensive Guide To Open Registration

Resource: Open Registration

  • The most comprehensive guide to Open Registration
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to participate
  • Waiting room and registration session FAQ

Open Registration Quick Facts

Resource: Toucan Blog – The Basics + Date Announcement

  • Badge sale date, time, and location
  • Eligibility
  • Preparation checklist

Attending With Friends in 2024

Resource: Toucan Blog – Level Up Your Comic-Con Experience: Purchasing for Friends

  • What you need to purchase badges for friends and family
  • Badge-buying groups
  • Post-sale expectations

Last-Minute Prep

Resource: Toucan Blog – Last-Minute Prep: Mastering The Art of Pre-Sale Readiness

  • Waiting room expectations
  • Prep your Member ID account
  • Tech considerations


  • Make sure you’re familiar with our Child Badge Policy before participating in the badge sale.
  • Learn everything you need to know about creating and maintaining your Comic-Con Member ID account.

There you have it! We hope you can put these study materials to good use. Good luck to everyone who participates in Open Registration this Saturday!

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