Cancellation/Refund Policy

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The Comic-Con 2014 badge refund deadline of May 23, 2014, has passed. Your Comic-Con badge purchase is non-refundable.
Pending refund requests are at the sole discretion of SDCC. Sending a refund request or submitting a refund request form does not guarantee you a refund. No refunds will be issued for any convention prior to Comic-Con 2014. Comic-Con 2014 badges are not transferable for use at any other SDCC convention. Please note that in some cases refund requests may not be processed until after Comic-Con 2014.
SDCC reserves the right to change their Cancellation and Refund Policy at any time, without notification. Comic-Con badges are NON-TRANSFERRABLE. No refunds will be given after May 23, 2014.
Comic-Con International Cancellation Policy: By registering for a paid or complimentary Comic-Con badge you agree not to sell, trade, transfer or share your comp code, barcode confirmation, or badge. In the event that San Diego Comic Convention/Comic-Con International (SDCC) determines that you have violated this policy, SDCC has the right to cancel your badge(s) and keep any money paid by you. Barcode confirmations and/or badges that have been sold or provided by anyone other than SDCC will not be honored by SDCC. All badges are the property of SDCC and must be relinquished to SDCC upon request.
I understand that I must register an individual name for each badge and that each name must match a photo ID to receive a badge onsite. If SDCC determines that you have purchased more than one badge in your name for any day, SDCC has the right to cancel your duplicate badge(s) and keep a $5.00 service fee per cancelled badge.
You must register for a Comic-Con Member ID in order to be entitled to purchase and register a badge.If SDCC determines that you purchased or registered for a badge, but did not register for a Comic-Con Member ID, SDCC has the right to cancel your badge and refund any amounts paid at SDCC's sole discretion.
If you use your Comic-Con Member ID to purchase a badge for a day for which you previously purchased a badge, the original badge you purchased will automatically be canceled and the amount paid will be refunded without contacting you.