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Thank you for your interest in attending Comic-Con International 2015! Comic-Con International 2015 will be held July 9-12 (with Preview Night on July 8) at the San Diego Convention Center. There will be two opportunities for you to purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2015 based upon your eligibility.



Comic-Con International 2015 Attendee Preregistration will open sometime in November 2014. Only those that have purchased a Comic-Con 2014 attendee badge AND retain their actual badge will be eligible to participate in 2015 Preregistration. First time attendees, professionals, guest of professionals, trade professionals, exhibitors (and exhibitor-purchased attendee badges), volunteers, staff, complimentary passes, and press will not be eligible to participate in Preregistration. Online registration for these categories will occur at a later date.

Click here for more information on Comic-Con 2015 Attendee Preregistration. 

If you did not purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2014 and would like to attend Comic-Con 2015, you may participate in Open Online Registration at a later date. To be eligible for Open Online Registration, you must sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID and confirm your email address prior to Open Online Registration. We strongly suggest that you sign up for a Member ID now if you are interested in attending Comic-Con 2015. A Comic-Con Member ID is free and available to all adult and junior (ages 13 to 17) attendees with a valid and unique email address.
Everyone who intends to purchase, apply, or register for a Comic-Con International badge must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. The Member ID system will close, without prior notification, in advance of any badge sale event. Please be sure to sign-up for a Member ID and/or update your personal information before the system closes! If you plan to purchase a badge for a friend, child, spouse, or family member, each person must have their own unique Comic-Con Member ID. You may not purchase a badge for another person using your own Comic-Con Member ID.

All eligible attendees will be notified via email, with the date, time, and instructions for Attendee Preregistration or Open Online Registration. The notification will be sent to the email associated with your Member ID account. Please be sure to "opt-in" to email correspondence to receive Comic-Con 2015 registration announcements. To review your opt-out selections, log in to your Member ID account and select the “OPT-OUTS” option to change your communication preferences.

For more information on Comic-Con Member IDs, please click here. We also suggest that you review the Badge Purchase FAQ for helpful hints and tips for participating in online registration.