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I forgot my Member ID and/or password, what should I do?

Please visit the Member ID Portal and click the “Forgot Member ID” link. Enter the email associated with your Member ID account and you will be sent an email with your requested information. 

If you no longer have access to the email account that you originally used to register, you will need to contact Comic-Con directly to update your email address. Please do not attempt to create a second Member ID account.

I have a new email address and/or phone number. How do I change it on my account?

Log in to your Member ID account and go to your Account Dashboard.

Click “My Account Information” to update your email address or phone number.

Click “My Addresses” to update your address. If your primary address is where you want badges mailed, click “Edit”, check the box next to “Primary Shipping Address”, and click “Save”.

If your primary address is correct but you want your badges to be mailed elsewhere, click “+Add Address”. Enter your shipping address information, check the box next to “Primary Shipping Address”, and click “Save”.

Will I need to sign up for a Member ID again next year?

No. You only need to sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID once. If you wish to purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2023 and beyond, you will use your same Member ID.

I share an email address with my partner or family member. Why do we each need a unique email address?

By requiring a unique email address for each Comic-Con Member ID, our goal is to increase the speed of the online registration process, prevent duplicate registrations, and prevent scalpers from reselling badges at inflated prices. Our hope is that the Member ID system will allow more fans to purchase badges for this very popular event.

Are there a limited number of Member IDs available?

Anyone (ages 13 and up) may register for a Member ID – they will not run out. Please note that duplicate email addresses are not allowed and each person may only have one Member ID. Duplicate Member ID registrations will be automatically deleted. If it is found that you have registered for more than one Member ID, San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) reserves the right to automatically cancel all of your Member ID accounts and refund, less a 10% processing fee and the handling fee, at SDCC’s sole discretion, any badge purchases made by those accounts.  

Why haven’t I received emails from Comic-Con?

If you are not receiving emails from Comic-Con, it is possible that you have not opted in to email communication. To receive email notifications, log in to your Member ID account and click “My Account Information”. If you want to receive important registration information, select “Yes” from the dropdown for “Do you want to receive marketing emails?”. On the same page, there are three additional opt-in preferences you can customize. Remember, if you do not select “Yes” or do not check an OptIn box, you will not receive correspondence from that source.

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