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Iron your cosplay, count your dice and stretch that controller finger - Comic-Con Special Edition is coming! It's your chance to purchase badges for our first in-person event in 2 years!
Visit for info on our badge sale, Sept. 25, 2021, at 11:00 AM (PDT).  


Latest Updates

09/16/2021: Comic-Con Special Edition badge sale announced for September 25, 2021

07/21/2021: Comic-Con@Home is now live

07/14/2021: Comic-Con@Home Merch now available

07/12/2021: Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award Nominees announced

07/08/2021: Comic-Con@Home Programming Schedule and Exhibitor Teaser List now live


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Due to recent inquiries, we would like to clarify that the traditional Comic-Con in-person event in San Diego, normally held in July, has been postponed until summer 2022. However, Comic-Con@Home will return as an online event on July 23-25, 2021.

This fall we’re planning a smaller, supplemental event we’re calling Comic-Con Special Edition, taking place on November 26-28, 2021. It is our hope that by that point, conditions will permit in-person public gatherings of this kind. As details are still being finalized, badge cost, attendance capacity, and related information will be forthcoming.

Updated 4/13/2021