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Souvenir Book

Comic-Con International 2017 Souvenir Book

The 2017 Souvenir Book cover features the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby. Art by Bruce Timm. Mister Miracle and Kamandi TM & © DC Comics; Captain America and Thor TM & © 2017 MARVEL.

Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Call for Submissions

The Comic-Con International Souvenir Book is a collectible full-color trade paperback given FREE to all attendees (while supplies last). The book features bios and photos of this year's special guests, plus articles and art created by fans and pros devoted to our anniversary celebrations. It also functions as a kind of "Yearbook" for the show, featuring Eisner Award winners from the past year and current nominees, Hall of Fame inductees, and tributes to those popular arts creators who have passed away in the previous year. (The 2017 Souvenir Book, shown at left, featured an exclusive cover by Bruce Timm, commemorating the 100th birthday of legendary comics creator Jack Kirby, and united Marvel and DC characters in a salute to the “King of Comics.”) Last year’s book was our biggest ever, with 272 pages, plus covers.

As in previous years, Comic-Con is soliciting articles and artwork from professionals and fans alike, based on the anniversaries we’re celebrating this year (see below for a current listing). This is your chance to submit something for consideration in the book!

The deadline for contributions is April 13, 2018. All art should be in color (although atmospheric black and white art is encouraged, too). For complete information on how to contribute, including file formats and technical information, please see the section below marked “How to Submit.”

You can send your submissions via email to Please send all submissions to that address, or follow the instructions below to mail your art or article to our offices. We prefer emailed submissions.

Please note: We are looking for historical nonfiction articles and art pertaining to this year’s anniversary celebrations only. Please do not send fiction or photos based on the characters involved with these anniversaries. Our anniversary celebrations include quarter-century marks (25, 50, 75, 100) and an occasional 10-year mark, and this year, an amazing 200-year one!

Important Note: All submissions MUST include a filled-out Submissions Form to be considered.
Click here to download the Submissions Form PDF.

See below for more details.

For a look at all of our Souvenir Book covers from Comic-Con over the years, please click here!


Our 2018 anniversaries include—by coincidence—a number of horror, supernatural, and science fiction-oriented celebrations.


Comic-Con International 2008 Souvenir Book

Images © Respective copyright holders including Universal Studios

200th Anniversary of Frankenstein

Teenaged Mary Shelley created a literal monster when she “workshopped” her book, Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus, with her soon-to-be-husband, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and John Polidori, as part of a competition to see who could write the best horror story. The result was fiction’s most famous monster and the story of the scientist who created him (Dr. Frankenstein), first published in 1818. While the titular character of the book is in fact the good (or bad) doctor, the name Frankenstein has become synonymous with the shambling beast created by piecing together parts of dead bodies. Brought to vivid life in the movies by Boris Karloff and director James Whale, the Universal Monsters series of the 1930s and ‘40s launched both love and nightmares in many a child. The Monster lives on, brought to life again and again in movies, television shows, plays, comics, toys, and much more. 


Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Anniversaries

Hellboy TM & © Michael Mignola

25th Anniversary of Hellboy

Mike Mignola’s big red demon got his original start in San Diego Comic-Con Comics in 1993, a co-publication of Comic-Con and Dark Horse Comics, which was given free to attendees. Hellboy went on to become one of the most popular supernatural characters in comics, appearing in numerous comics series by Mignola and others, and launching a whole Hellboy Universe (also known as the “Mignola-verse”). In addition, the character appeared in two popular movies directed by Oscar-nominated director Guillermo del Toro and starring Ron Perlman, and is about to hit the silver screen again in early 2019 in a major reboot directed by Neil Marshall and starring David Harbour and Milla Jovovich. Hellboy also conquered animation with Hellboy Animated, which included two films, Sword of Storms and Blood and Iron, both voiced by Perlman.         


Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Anniversaries

TM & © DC Comics

25th Anniversary of Vertigo Comics                                                     

DC’s Vertigo Comics imprint launched in January 1993 with a mix of new and existing titles. Popular DC titles such as Sandman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Shade the Changing Man moved over to the new imprint and new titles, such as the 3-issue mini-series Death: The High Cost of Living, and the ongoing Sandman Mystery Theater launched in the first year. Since then Vertigo has become famous for edgy, adult, compelling series such as Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Transmetropolitan, 100 Bullets, Fables, Hellblazer (John Constantine), Lucifer, and many more. The Vertigo imprint has also seen a number of movie and TV adaptations, including the current hit series Lucifer (on FOX), and Preacher (on AMC).


Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Anniversaries

TM and © 2017 FOX and its related entities.

25th Anniversary of The X-Files

Few TV shows have had the lasting influence of Chris Carter’s The X-Files. Debuting in 1993, the original series, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, lasted nine seasons on FOX for a total of 202 episodes. It spawned two movies (The X Files in 1998 and The X Files: I Want to Believe in 2008, both sans hyphen), and has returned to TV in 2016, 2017, and this year in limited series. A spin-off series, The Lone Gunmen, appeared in 2001. The X-Files crossed over into comics, books, video games, and a veritable treasure trove of related merchandise. The truth is out there!


Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Anniversaries

TM & © 2018 MARVEL

10th Anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Way back in 2007, Marvel Studios made its Hall H debut with a movie called Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. While Marvel-related movies—including Spider-Man and X-Men—had appeared at Comic-Con before, this was the first time Marvel itself offered a film, based on a somewhat obscure (to the general public, if not to comics fans) character. The rest, as they say, is history. With Iron Man’s 2008 debut, Marvel Studios went on to become the juggernaut (X-Men pun intended) of movie-making, releasing 17 movies in the past decade (with #18, Black Panther, due in theaters in February). We’re celebrating 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many of which made their very first appearances here at Comic-Con International in Hall H, close to a year before they hit the big screen.

Additional articles on comics history will also appear in the 2018 Souvenir Book.

Our deadline this year is a very spooky Friday the 13th of April, which is appropriate with this year’s horror and supernatural celebrations!


You must include a filled-out submissions form with your art or article. Click here to download the submissions form PDF.

We’re looking for high-quality articles and art submissions for the 2018 Souvenir Book. All submissions MUST pertain to this year’s anniversary celebrations. We are not able to accept art and articles about anything else.

Please note that due to space limitations, not all submissions can be featured in the book. Submitting an article or a piece of art is not a guarantee that it will be used.

If your article or art is accepted, we’ll send you a FREE copy of the 2018 Souvenir Book (whether you attend Comic-Con or not).

The deadline for submissions is APRIL 13, 2018.

Due to the high volume of submissions each year and to be fair to those who submitted early, nothing will be accepted after 11:59 PM on that date.


Please read these guidelines CAREFULLY before submitting art and articles. PLEASE NOTE: YOUR SUBMISSION MUST INCLUDE THE ENTRY FORM ON PAGE 1 OF THE DOWNLOADABLE PDF. Please download and fill it out and email it WITH your art or article submission. (It’s a modifiable PDF; you can type right on it.) IMPORTANT: To properly fill out the PDF, open it in Adobe Acrobat, fill it out there, and save it from there.


Articles must relate to the anniversaries listed above and should be in the 1,000–1,500 word range. All articles should be of a historical, nonfiction nature. We cannot accept fictional stories about the characters being celebrated or articles on other topics. Please email your submissions to in Word format (.doc or .docx formats). Include a short (50 words or less) bio for yourself at the end of the article. Do not include any email, social media (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr), or website addresses in the bio.


1. Artwork must relate to this year’s anniversaries. Artwork should be no larger than 7” wide x 9” tall. For best presentation purposes, we prefer color art that is vertical in format; however, horizontal art (9” wide x 7” tall) will also be considered. These dimensions and formats are preferred for all art submissions.

2. Please send art submissions as electronic files. For all art submissions, we prefer an electronic file to ensure that your art maintains the color look you intended.

3. We cannot accept multiple submissions for the same anniversary. Please send only ONE piece of art or ONE article for the anniversaries of your choice. For example, if you choose the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe AND Hellboy’s 25th, send one piece of art and/or one article for each anniversary.

4. PDF is the preferred file format. If you’re sending an electronic image, it should be a 300 dpi color (CMYK) PDF, TIF, or JPG. If it’s a TIF file, please make sure all layers are flattened. If it’s a PDF file, embed all fonts and flatten all layers. WE PREFER PDF FILES, PLEASE. (PDF file format: PDF/X-1a:2001)

5. We prefer emailed files. Please email your art or articles to:

6. When signing your name on the art, do not include your email address, website URLs, or social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr) information, or any info that will allow readers to contact you directly. Any piece of art with this information on it will be immediately disqualified from consideration.

7. Please do NOT include a copyright notice on your art. Comic-Con will print the proper copyright notice below or near each piece of art used. We will include a copyright notice for the characters the artwork portrays.

8. Please do not combine characters from different companies. For example, we cannot use art that includes Hellboy with The X-Files or other companies’ characters in the same image (however, characters from the same company, such as Hellboy and Abe Sapien together, are fine).

9. Please do not include your own characters or congratulatory messages that advertise your company. The art should be a tribute to the anniversaries being celebrated, not an advertisement for your own properties or company.

10. No nudity, gore, adult situations, or profanity will be accepted. The Souvenir Book is given free to all attendees (while supplies last) and is intended for an all-ages audience.

11. Mailing artwork. If you’re not sending an electronic file, please send only high-quality printouts. Do not send your original art. Please print your name, street address, city, state, zip or postal code, and country (if not U.S.), as you would like it to appear in the Souvenir Book, on the back of your submission and mail it to the address listed below (only your name, city, state, and country will be included in the book). ALL MAIL SUBMISSIONS MUST ALSO INCLUDE THE FILLED-OUT SUBMISSIONS FORM. If you submitted your art via email, PLEASE DO NOT SEND A BACK-UP VIA MAIL. PLEASE ONLY USE MAIL AS A LAST RESORT. WE PREFER EMAILED SUBMISSIONS.

Comic-Con International 2018 Souvenir Book Submissions
P.O. Box 128458
San Diego, CA 92112-8458

All mailed submissions must be postmarked by April 13, 2018.