Christopher James Priest

Christopher James Priest at Comic-Con International 2016
Christopher James

Writer, Black Panther, Batman, Deathstroke

Christopher James Priest is the first African American writer and editor to work in the comic book industry, with runs on Conan, Power Man & Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, The Ray, Captain America & The Falcon, and many others. With artist M. D. Bright, Priest created the hit Acclaim series Quantum & Woody, and his groundbreaking Black Panther series has been lauded by Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice. Static Shock, which Priest co-created with Milestone Media, Inc., was the first nationally syndicated African American superhero animated series, and the first act of 2005’s Batman Begins was based on Priest’s Batman comic book work (Batman #431). For more info, visit