Brinke Stevens

Brinke Stevens at Comic-Con 2019, July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center

Comic-Con volunteer; actress, author, director, Brinke of Destruction

Then known as Charlene Brinkman, Brinke Stevens got involved with Comic-Con in 1973.  For many years she ran the Masquerade, while presenting elaborately choreographed dance numbers during intermission. For a decade, she modeled for her artist husband Dave Stevens as “Bettie” in The Rocketeer comics. Brinke later wrote and published her own comic book series, Brinke of Destruction, and a sci-fi novel, Dangerous Toys. She’s starred in 194 films to date, mostly fantasy, sci-fi and horror. She co-produced two documentaries, Shock Cinema and Something to Scream About, and also wrote and directed the movie Personal Demons (2018).