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Consideration for the WonderCon 2016 PRESS LIST is now CLOSED!
All applications and verification materials must have been submitted by FEBRUARY 12, 2016 to be considered for the WonderCon 2016 Press List. 
IMPORTANT:  This press application/registration period is for WonderCon 2016 ONLY.
Verification Status Flags

Verification Status Flags


To determine your press verification status, log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account here. If you are returning or approved press, click on the “Press” tab to find your current verification status; "DUE" or "NOT DUE" (see examples to the left). If you are a first-time press applicant or your press application was denied, no “Press” tab or verification status will be displayed.

If your Press Verification Status is NOT DUE: You will have to register onsite at the Press Registration area located in Hall A of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Please bring a valid photo ID. 

If your Press Verification Status is DUE or would like to still apply as press but have missed the WonderCon 2016 press application period, onsite consideration will be available. Please bring a completed “WonderCon 2016 Application for Press” and required verification materials to the Press Registration area located in Hall A of the Los Angeles Convention Center to be considered. Please note that there is no guarantee of a press badge after the review of your application and verification materialsThe application and description of required verification materials can be found below in the “WonderCon 2016 Press Guidelines” PDF.

For additional information, check out the WonderCon Press FAQ! If you have already submitted a WonderCon 2016 Application for Press, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing and review. 

WonderCon Anaheim Press Terms & Conditions

Approved and "NOT DUE" press must register online each year they plan to attend. Press must submit verification materials every two years, unless requested earlier by Comic-Con International. Returning press needing to update company information must submit verification materials for review before being updated. Approved freelance applicants will only be valid for the year applying.

A WonderCon Anaheim press badge is good for entry to all of the events held at WonderCon (space permitting). The WonderCon press badge, however, does not allow for early entry into the Exhibit Hall, programming rooms, events, or guaranteed seating. Please keep in mind that press registration is a courtesy and your WonderCon press badge is non-transferable. You may not transfer or sell your WonderCon press badge. A complimentary press badge does not allow for plus ones, guests, or child badges. A press badge has no monetary value and you are not entitled to a refund of any amount for your complimentary press badge. Duplicate badges of any type are not allowed.

Registered press members are prohibited from entering the Exhibit Hall prior to 12:00 pm on Friday, March 25 or during closed Exhibit Hall hours. There are no exceptions. Any pictures taken within the Exhibit Hall prior to 12:00 pm on Friday, March 25, and posted for public viewing, will result in the forfeiture of your WonderCon 2016 press badge. 

Because of a variety of rules governing the Los Angeles Convention Center and WonderCon/Comic-Con International, wheeled carts or handcarts are not allowed in the convention center. Additionally, camera crews, while free to roam the center, cannot set up equipment in a fixed manner (i.e. lights, chairs, etc.).

Members of the press that want to videotape, film, and/or record any matter that will be used for commercial purposes (non-news) must first obtain written permission from Comic-Con International/WonderCon as well as permission of the panel participants. Please email to request the appropriate consents along with detailed information regarding your interest in recording at WonderCon.

PLEASE NOTE: Names, outlets, and email addresses of registered WonderCon 2016 press will be made available to studios, exhibitors, programming participants, etc., prior to the convention (WonderCon 2016 Press List).

As always, the issuance of a press badge is at the sole discretion of Comic-Con International/WonderCon. Please be respectful of all our attendees. A WonderCon press badge is provided as a courtesy to cover the event. WonderCon does not tolerate coverage that includes stunt type events, ambush interviewing or any sort of action that could make any of our attendees feel unsafe or uncomfortable.