Inspire the Superhero in Every Student!

WonderCon Educational Program

WonderCon is the perfect place for your students to immerse themselves in the world of comics and the popular arts while exploring a vast array of talented artists, exhibitors, and industry icons. Not only will they discover exciting new art and figurines and gain insight into different perspectives and lifestyles, but also learn about the history, work ethic, and culture of all involved. So create an unforgettable experience, broaden your students horizons, and join us at WonderCon!

Our organization, San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), is thrilled to announce that we offer educators the fun-packed opportunity to bring their students to WonderCon—one of the most exciting popular arts events of the year.

About The Program

The WonderCon Educational Program helps teachers and youth leaders incorporate comics and related popular art forms into their curriculum. Designed to accommodate group bookings for school-aged students and their chaperones, approved groups will have their badges registered and prepared in advance for the primary chaperone to pick up when they arrive on-site.

Juniors (ages 13-17) receive discounted pricing. For every 10 students of an approved group, we provide a complimentary badge for one adult chaperone. Additional chaperone badges above this allotment can be purchased on-site at our Badge Sales Desk in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center. Each registrant must have a Comic-Con Member ID account.


Are you interested in bringing your school-aged group to WonderCon? Kindly review the information below to determine if this program is suitable for you. If you meet the group and chaperone requirements, please fill out the application below by March 1, 2024.


  • Must be affiliated with a school, club, church, or organization
  • All students must be in grades 6-12
  • Must have a minimum of 10 school-aged students


  • Primary chaperone must be directly affiliated with the school/organization
  • All chaperones must be age 21 or older
  • Must have at least one chaperone per 10 students


Educational Badge Prices

Friday$24.00$47.00 FREE
Saturday$29.00$57.00 FREE
Sunday$20.00$40.00 FREE
*One complimentary adult chaperone admission is provided for every 10 junior attendees, additional chaperone badges may be purchased on-site. Juniors (ages 13–17) will enjoy reduced pricing and, when included in an educational group, all additional $15 handling fees will be waived. This offer is designed to enhance the educational experience for groups, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective process for organizers. Please note that this promotion is exclusively applicable to junior attendees within educational groups.

Participation GUidelines

To participate in our educational group program, please make sure you can follow the guidelines and meet the deadlines listed below. These are in place to ensure a quality experience for all participating groups. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

  1. Double-check the requirements mentioned above to make sure your group is eligible for the WonderCon Educational Program.
  2. Submit an application by March 1, 2024. You will need to provide a general student and chaperone count, age range, date of visit, preferred payment method, etc.
  3. Upon approval, provide the full names and Member IDs of all students and chaperones.
  4. Submit payment for all badges by March 26, 2024.
  5. Pick up your group’s badges at the Badge Solutions Desk in Hall D of the Anaheim Convention Center. Badges will only be released to the primary chaperone.

educational Program


For educators who are planning to bring their students to WonderCon, familiarize yourself with some essential information and frequently asked questions beforehand.

Can my student’s badges be shipped in advance?

Unfortunately, no. We prep badges in advance so that when you show up on-site, the handover to you is quick, easy, and seamless at the Badge Solutions Desk in Hall D.

What kind of discount can I get for my school?

We offer a free badge for one adult chaperone for every 10 students. In place of additional discounts on junior badges, approved chaperones will receive complimentary badges.

Can I bring my school group on-site without contacting Comic-Con ahead of time?

Yes, you can bring your school group on-site without contacting us prior to the event. However, please note that if you do so, you will not be eligible for bulk registration, streamlined payment submission, complimentary chaperone badges, or bulk pick-up.

Does every chaperone need to be an employee of the same school/organization?

No. Only the primary chaperone must be employed or directly affiliated with the school/organization. The primary chaperone must be the point of contact. Any additional chaperones (e.g. parents) must be at least 21 years old.

What if I have a student that is 12 years old in my group?

Children ages 12 and under attend for free at WonderCon! They will receive a free child badge.

What if I have a student that is 18 years old in my group?

They will receive an adult badge at the adult price. Because they’re a student included in a group booking, they will not be perceived any differently than their junior-age classmates.

How can I pay for my students’ badges, and when is payment due?

Payment is due by Monday, March 26, 2024. Acceptable forms of payment include check, debit card, and credit card. As part of the application process, the primary chaperone can choose between one of the two options available:

  1. An invoice can be provided after all badges are registered
  2. Payment can be submitted during the registration process (debit/credit card only)
What should we do when we arrive on-site at WonderCon for my group visit?

For the primary chaperone, please head to Hall D and visit the Badge Solutions Desk to pick up your group’s badges. Please let our Badge Solutions staff know that you are with the Educational Group Program and provide them with a photo ID. Please note, groups will not be able to enter the Exhibit Hall before it opens.

Is there a place for my students to take a break or eat lunch?

Although WonderCon does not have designated picnic or eating areas for groups, they can still enjoy their lunch break in the convention center’s public courtyards, hallways, or the Plaza outside.

If any of your students forgot their food and need to grab something, there are food trucks lined up and down the Plaza which offer many fancy feasts, from frankfurters to falafels! There are also food options in the Exhibit Hall and lobbies of the convention center, but please note that some of these outlets are cashless.

What do I need to prepare before bringing my class to WonderCon?

Conventions are distinctive and bustling areas, displaying awesome and one-of-a-kind items that have been gathered, preserved, or are cherished by many. These items are frequently delicate or hold great significance and may take damage if not treated with respect or if visitors disregard the regulations outlined below.

  • Masks or face coverings are not required but are always recommended while in any crowded space.
  • Please do not touch anything without permission. This is especially important in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Photography is allowed for personal, non-commercial use. No tripods or selfie sticks are allowed anywhere in the convention.
  • There is zero tolerance for running on the exhibitor floor.
  • Badges must be worn at all times in a fashion that can be easily seen and identified by security.
  • We do not offer any backpack or item storage so make sure you and your students are only bringing what they are willing to carry all day long.
  • If your students are interested in buying posters or pieces of art while at WonderCon, we recommend bringing a poster tube so that their items do not get bent or destroyed while on the exhibit floor or during travel.
How should my chaperones prepare before our visit to WonderCon?

Your responsibility as a chaperone is vital in ensuring the good behavior and safety of your students during the WonderCon event. It’s crucial to remind all chaperones to remain with their respective groups throughout the visit and ensure that the students adhere to the earlier mentioned guidelines.

Please be advised that WonderCon mandates adherence to a ratio of one chaperone per every 10 students. Consequently, for a group size of 1-10 students, a single chaperone is required; for 11-20 students, the appropriate allocation is two chaperones, and so forth.

What bus or bus parking options are available?

WonderCon does not have bus parking available, and bus drivers should check with their company about parking options.

Will there be art or imagery that some individuals may find inappropriate at the convention?

WonderCon maintains guidelines regarding any possible depictions of nudity or adult content. Exhibitors are required to conscientiously present such material in a manner that complies with Anaheim’s Community Guidelines.

My question wasn’t answered here in these FAQs.

In case you couldn’t locate an answer to your query in the FAQs provided above, don’t hesitate to contact us using the link HERE. Although it may take three to five days to receive a response, we make every effort to reply sooner.

SDCC, the organizers of WonderCon, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting awareness and appreciation of comics and related popular art forms among the general public, is pleased to facilitate group bookings for educational organizations serving school-aged students.


The application period for WonderCon 2024 has passed. Please check back next year to apply for WonderCon 2025!