FAQ – Deaf and Disabled Services Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information will be added, and some information may change as the convention approaches, so please check back often.

I would like to know what the policies are for vaccinations and masks at WonderCon 2024

Please visit https://www.comic-con.org/wc/plan-your-visit/covid-19/ for our current Covid-19

Can I buy a badge on-site at the show?

Yes, typically badges are available the same day of the show. Go through Lobby D into Hall D,
then go directly to the Badge Solutions Desk.

What documentation do I need to provide to get an ADA badge?

We do not require documentation. We require honesty.

I cannot stand in line for long periods. Can I have someone pick up my badge for me?

You must bring your identification and confirmation to the Disabled Services desk in person. We can send one of our runners to pick up your badge while you sit in our waiting area.

My spouse has mobility issues. Can I pick up their ADA badge if I bring their I.D.?

No. They must be there in person and show identification.

What is the best time of day to avoid waiting in line for an ADA badge?

Mornings are the busiest time at the Deaf and Disabled Services desk. A couple of hours after
the exhibit floor opens, the wait time improves. The later in the day you come, the shorter the wait will be, however, you will miss more of the event.

I already have my badge. Where do I go to get an ADA sticker?

ADA stickers will be available early in the morning outside Lobby C before the lobby doors open. For other services, please stay in line. After the lobby opens, ADA stickers and all other services are available inside.

I broke my ankle and will be using a knee scooter. Can I get an ADA sticker to attend programs, and will my friends be able to sit with me?

Yes, you can get a sticker at the Disabled Services booth and seating for your attendant in the ADA line, but the rest of your party will have to wait in the general admission line. The ADA sticker does not guarantee access to programs.

I have a certified emotional support animal to help with my disability and a note from my
doctor. Will my animal be allowed to accompany me?

No. The Convention Center does not allow emotional support or comfort animals. No pets are allowed.

Where do I get a sticker for my professionally trained service dog?

At the Disabled Services desk in Lobby B/C.

What paperwork do I need to bring if I have a professionally trained service dog?

You may be asked what specific task your service dog is trained to assist you with.

For additional information, please see “Service Animals” and “Comfort/Support Animals” HERE.

Do attendants get a free badge?

Sorry, we do not offer a free attendant badge

Who can qualify as an attendant?

An attendant supports and helps the attendee with activities such as eating, using the bathroom, supervision, communication, or getting from place to place. An attendant is present only to assist the attendee. Please see our Attendant Policy HERE.

Can I purchase an Attendant badge in advance?

Yes. You can purchase a badge for your attendant in the attendee badge sale. At the convention, take your attendant and their badge to the Disabled Services desk in Lobby B/C to register your attendant.

Can I purchase an Attendant badge at the show?

Yes. You can purchase your Attendant’s badge at the Badge Solutions Desk in Hall D, then take your attendant and their badge to the Disabled Services desk in Lobby B/C to register your attendant.

How much does an Attendant badge cost?

The same price as attendee badges

Will security allow my unbadged attendant inside the lobby door?

Yes. Your attendant should go through the Lobby D doors to the Registration Areas in Hall D to either pick up their pre-registered badge at Attendee Badge Pick-Up or purchase their badge at the Badge Solutions desk. Then you must accompany your attendant to the Disabled Services desk in Lobby B/C to register your attendant.

Are there any restrictions on where my attendant can go?

Since your attendant has a paid badge, your attendant can accompany you and share in all of
your experiences.

For additional information, please see “ADA Attendants” HERE.

I know all of your largest panels have ASL Interpreters already scheduled. Are Interpreters
available for smaller panels too?

Yes. You may request an ASL interpreter for other panel rooms at the Deaf Services desk in Lobby B/C.

I am very hard of hearing, but I do not sign. Am I eligible for an ADA sticker, and can I sit closer so I can hear better?

Yes, you are eligible for an ADA sticker.

In large panel rooms, the sound systems are loud enough that sitting closer to the stage is not necessarily louder. In smaller panel rooms, sitting closer to a sound system speaker is a better option.

Do you have closed or open captioning?

While we welcome captioning, neither the FCC nor ADA requires it. For more information, please see Captioning, HERE.

Can I request a volunteer interpreter to help me at my hotel or a nearby restaurant?

Sorry, no. Our interpreters can only assist you at the Convention Center, or at WonderCon activities in hotel event spaces.

I am a deaf guest panelist. Can I request an interpreter to assist me while I am on-site?

Upon request, the staff at the Agency desk will do their best to provide you with interpreters during your panel. Make your request in advance. You may also ask if an interpreter is available for you to hire for additional services.

I am interested in volunteering as an Interpreter. Who should I contact?

Contact: deafservices@comic-con.org

For additional information, see “How do I request an Interpreter?” HERE, or ask at the Deaf Services booth in Lobby BC

Where is the early morning line for the Deaf and Disabled Services department?

Outside Door C for Deaf and Disabled Services. If you already have your badge, ADA stickers will be available in line before the lobby opens. For all other needs, stay in line until the lobby doors open. After the doors open, stickers and other services will be available inside at the Deaf and Disabled Services Desk.

Do you have any ADA lines?

The programming rooms have ADA lines. For those with mobility issues, Disabled Services can send a runner to pick up your badge (but cannot buy one). Exhibitors assess their own needs, so ADA/wheelchair access points are at the discretion of the Exhibitor. The line itself must be ADA-compliant, but not every Exhibitor will have a separate ADA line. If you do not see an ADA line, ask the staff if there is one. Do not start your own line.

Are there ADA accommodations for long line waiting?

Sorry, no. Your Attendant can hold your place in line, but you must be present to take your place in line when it is your turn to enter.

I cannot stand for long periods, and I do not have an attendant. Can I request someone to
stand in line for me?

Sorry, but Disabled Services cannot provide placeholders for lines.

I am a panelist for WonderCon. Is the location wheelchair accessible?

The Convention Center is wheelchair accessible. If you will be going onstage, make sure your key contact lets programming know you will need access to the stage and/or if there are any other accessibility issues so we can make proper arrangements.

Can I use my electric bike as a mobility device?

For information on Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices, please see “Mobility Devices and OPDMDs” in the Additional Information section.

What kind of ADA seating accommodations do you have in Program rooms, and how does it

We offer ADA seating accommodations three ways.
Wheelchair Seating is on the ends of some aisles, next to a RED back chair that is designated for the Attendant. The rest of your party must wait in the general admission line. We will do our best to seat parties with children together, but this may increase your wait time in line.
Deaf Seating areas have YELLOW back chairs in the front of the room. They are available in the larger rooms.
Ambulatory Seating is available in all Program rooms. These seating sections have RED back chairs.

All seating, including ADA seating, is “as seats become available.” All event and Program rooms have limited capacity as set by the Fire Marshal. Even though your badge is needed to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if it has reached its capacity. We do not clear rooms between events.

Do I need to provide any paperwork to use your Sensory Shroud room?

No, you do not.

Will a large-print version of the Program Book be available in Disabled Services?

Sorry, we do not have a large-print version, but the Program Book is also available online.

Do you provide oxygen on-site?

No, we are unable to provide oxygen.

My medication needs to be refrigerated. Can you help?

Sorry, we cannot refrigerate your medicine.

Is there disabled parking near Anaheim Convention Center, and is it possible to reserve a spot?

The closest disabled parking to Deaf and Disabled Services and Registration is at Car Park 4 (enter from Transit Plaza). All disabled parking is limited and is only available on a first-come, first-served basis, so arrive early. Parking cannot be reserved.

Being dropped off, using rideshare, or taking buses are often better choices for everyone. Rideshare drop off/pickup location is available on the South side of the campus at the Transit Plaza location.