WonderCon 2024

Attendee Badge Sale

Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing a badge for WonderCon 2024. For details on early bird and standard pricing, visit Badges.

The Quick Facts

you need

A valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID account and your preferred payment method.

it Opens

Badges are on sale beginning Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Who Can
you Buy for

Anyone you’d like—there is no limit! You’ll just need their Member ID and last name.

To Buy

The Member ID Portal via the “Buy WonderCon Badges” option in the top menu bar.


WonderCon 2024 badge sales are open to the general public! Anyone with a valid and confirmed Member ID can purchase a badge, or have badges purchased for them.

If a friend or family member you wish to purchase badges for doesn’t have a Member ID, they can create one today!

Purchasing For Others

WonderCon is a great place to spend time with friends and family, and there is no limit to how many badges you can purchase! You do not have to purchase everyone’s badges at the same time. So long as badge inventory is still available, you can return to the Member ID Portal at any time before the event to purchase additional badges for yourself or others.

Each person you wish to purchase badges for must have a Member ID account. To purchase badges for others, you’ll need to enter the following information in order to locate their account before you can purchase their badge:

Member ID Account Dashboard Information

1. Their Member ID

You’ll need the Member ID of anyone you wish to purchase badges for. If they have trouble locating it, have them log in to their account and go to their Account Dashboard. Under Account Settings, they’ll see their account’s name, Member ID, email address, and member type.

2. Their Last Name

You’ll also need the last name of anyone you wish to purchase badges for. Their last name must be entered exactly as it appears on their Member ID account. If the last name includes special characters or a suffix, they must be included. If the suffix includes punctuation, that must be included as well.

other information

  • WonderCon badges are non-transferable. If a badge is registered under your name, it cannot be transferred to another account.
  • If eligible for advance shipping, badges are shipped directly to the attendee.
  • If a badge needs to be picked up on-site, each attendee is required to pick up their own badge. If you purchase a badge for a friend, you cannot pick up their badge for them.

Child Badges

Children ages 12 and under may attend WonderCon for free with a paying adult! Child badges are not registered in advance—you may register your child for a badge when you arrive on-site.

Children must be present to be registered for a badge and adults will be required to provide emergency contact information for any child registrant. Please do not create a Member ID for children ages 12 and under.

How to buy badges

1. Log in to your Member ID

Log in to your Comic-Con Member ID account and select “Buy WonderCon Badges” from the top menu bar. Anyone who wishes to purchase, apply, or register for a WonderCon 2024 badge must have a valid Comic-Con Member ID.

WonderCon Attendee Badge Purchase - Step 1

2. Add your badges to the cart

Your information will be pre-populated on the “Registrants” tab. If you’re purchasing a badge for yourself, check the box next to the badge option(s) desired and click “Add to Cart”.

If you are not purchasing badges for yourself, skip to step 4.

WonderCon Attendee Badge Purchase - Step 2

3. Choose to select badges for others or proceed to checkout

You’ll see a pop-up window after you’ve successfully added your badges to the cart. From here, you have two options:

  • To purchase badges for other members, click “Register Another Member”. You will need their Member ID and last name exactly as it appears on their Member ID account. This includes special characters, suffixes, and punctuation.
  • If you’re not purchasing badges for others, click “Checkout”.
WonderCon Attendee Badge Purchase - Step 3

4. Select badges for your friends and family

To purchase badges for others, you must locate their Member ID account. Select the “Register Another Member ID” tab and enter the Member ID and last name of the member you wish to purchase badges for. If the Member ID and last name are valid, their name will appear in a green box. 

REMEMBER: If they have a special character in their last name or their last name includes a suffix, you must include it. If the suffix uses punctuation, that must be included as well.

WonderCon Attendee Badge Purchase - Step 4

Check the box next to the badge option(s) your friend would like to attend and click “Add to Cart”.

Repeat steps 3-4 as needed. There is no limit to the number of people you can purchase badges for; however, we recommend checking out once badges for 10 people have been added to your cart. You can return to purchase additional badges at any time while inventory is available!

5. Check out!

Once all desired badges have been added to your cart, click “Checkout”. You’ll be prompted to agree to our terms and conditions and submit your payment method. Click “Process Order” to complete your badge purchase!

WonderCon Attendee Badge Purchase - Step 5

Additional information

Badge Shipping

WonderCon 2024 badges purchased by February 20, 2024, are eligible for advance shipping! Attendee badges are shipped to the individual attendee directly. A domestic address must be saved as the “Primary Shipping Address” in their Member ID account by February 20, 2024, to have their badge shipped. Badges will begin shipping 3-4 weeks prior to March 29, 2024.

We cannot ship to international addresses. Badges not shipped in advance for any reason can be picked up on-site.

IMPORTANT: Each attendee must have a valid form of photo ID and must be present to receive their badge. We do not allow bulk pick-up or picking up for others.

Badge Confirmations

Badge confirmations will be sent at a later date. If you have purchased a badge for another attendee, each WonderCon badge confirmation will be sent to the individual attendee. If they do not receive their badge confirmation at that time, they will be able to resend it to themselves from the “My Orders” section of their Member ID account.

Payment Methods

WonderCon accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express only. We do not accept PayPal or other online payment systems. If your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard logo, you will be able to use it for purchase.

Refunds, Lost Badges, and The Fine Print 

The WonderCon 2024 badge refund deadline is February 20, 2024. To request a refund for your WonderCon 2024 badge purchase, please click here. All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee. WonderCon badges are non-transferable and may not be exchanged.

  • We do not issue partial refunds for 3-Day badges purchased during our early bird period. If you no longer want to attend all three days, you must refund your entire 3-Day badge purchase, less the 10% processing fee. Then, once your 3-Day badge is refunded, you can purchase the single-day badge options at our standard rate while inventory is available. 

Please keep your badge safe and secure at all times. Lost badges may be replaced for a nominal fee at the Badge Solutions Desk in the Registration Area.

 All event and program rooms have a limited capacity as set by the fire marshal. Although your WonderCon badge is required to get into all events, it does not guarantee you access to any event if it has reached its capacity. We do not clear rooms between events. Most autograph signings are of a limited nature. Your WonderCon badge does not guarantee autographs at any event.