Comic-Con 2013 Publications

Comic-Con International Publications

Comic-Con International's publications help attendees enjoy and navigate the big show. Our trio of publications include the Souvenir Book, which features special articles on our anniversary celebrations; the Events Guide, which features the complete schedule for all Comic-Con events; and the full-color Quick Guide, which includes the at-a-glance program grids, maps (including the giant fold-out Exhibit Hall), and the exhibitor list.

The 2013 Souvenir Book (above, left) featured an exclusive cover created for Comic-Con by artist Dave McKean celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Sandman.

The 2013 Events Guide (above, middle) featured an exclusive cover created by Brian Miller/Hi-Fi celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

The 2013 Quick Guide (above, right) featured our signature character the Toucan, this time in full Steampunk regalia, by Rick Geary, along with the various locations where Comic-Con took place.

Sandman ™ & © DC Comics; Doctor Who ™ & © BBC