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Jon Bogdanove

Jon Bogdanove

Artist, Superman: Man of Steel

Jon Bogdanove is best known for his dynamic, humorous work on Superman: The Man of Steel (#1–#85), for which he drew and helped write many landmark Superman stories, including the award-winning Death of Superman. He also co-created Steel with Louise Simonson. At Marvel, he penciled (and later, wrote) Simonson’s Power Pack and drew Fantastic Four vs. The X-Men, written by Chris Claremont. Other comics projects include 2011’s Superman: RetroActive 1990s, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Superman vs. Savage Dragon 2, Superman vs. Aliens 2, and issues of Batman, The Hulk, Alpha Flight, and Solomon Kane. In 2012, Bogdanove animated a video game, Mongolian Beef.