Michael T. Gilbert

MIchael T. Gilbert
Michael T.

Writer/artist, Mr. Monster

Michael T. Gilbert’s first comics work appeared in 1973 in New Paltz Comix. Three years later his first series, The Wraith, debuted in Star*Reach’s Quack! in 1982, Gilbert began co-adapting a series of Elric of Melnibone novels for Pacific and First Comics. While at Pacific, Gilbert created his signature character, Doc Stearn . . . Mr. Monster, who made his debut 30 years ago at the 1984 San Diego Comic-Con. Mr. Monster is currently appearing in Dark Horse Presents, as well as “Mr. Monster's Comic Crypt” in Alter Ego magazine. Additionally, Gilbert has written or drawn stories featuring Superman, Batman, Dr. Strange, The Simpsons, SpongeBob, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse.