Children's Film Festival at Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Con International welcomes the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival back on Sunday for its ninth big year. This year’s day-long programming of some of the finest short films for children of all ages also officially launches the big 12th annual edition of the festival, with more dates announced soon! For updates and to sign up for the email list, please visit

The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival features creative, exciting, and imaginative short films from around the world -- animation, live action, and documentary -- good for all ages. Enjoy films from the United States, Taiwan, Spain, New Zealand, France, Russia, Israel, Germany, Hungary, and Canada. Throughout the day, animators and filmmakers will talk about their work, how kids can make their own films, and careers in animation and filmmaking.

All films are shown in Room 9 on the upper level of the Convention Center.

KEY: A = Animated, L = Live Action, D = Documentary