Portfolio Review

Artist Steve Lieber's Portfolio Review Pointers from Toucan

Comic-Con International offers Portfolio Review sessions with major companies, including comic publishers, movie and TV studios, videogame companies, and more. While you may not get a job, you will get an honest and professional appraisal of your work from seasoned industry insiders. Who knows? You just might be the next great Comic-Con success story?

Portfolio Review Procedures

Portfolio Area time grids and company information sheets will be posted daily no later than 9:00 am. This information will include participating companies for that day and their eligibility requirements for reviews. Applicants are expected to review this information prior to applying for a review slot.

In an effort to make the application procedure for Portfolio Review participation more equitable, if not predetermined by each company and explained in their requirements, the onsite process will now be as follows:

  1. Each morning applicants may sign up to be on the list for a review for any of the companies participating that day. Up to 30 minutes prior to that company's first review time, applicants may fill out a Portfolio Review Sign-up Ticket for the company they wish to be reviewed by.
    Applicants may fill out a Portfolio Review Sign-Up Ticket by:
    • going to the Portfolio Review Area in the Sails Pavilion and filling out a paper Sign-Up Ticket and handing it to a staff member; or
    • going to the Portfolio Review Area and using the computer provided to fill out a Sign-Up Ticket (the computer will be available no later than 9:00 am).
  2. A randomized list of participants will be printed for each company 30 minutes prior to the start of reviews. Duplicate entries will be excluded. This list will be available at that Company's booth approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of its review time. It is the applicant's responsibility to find his or her place on the list and be in the Portfolio Review area when his or her name is called.
  3. A CCI Portfolio Review volunteer will be assigned to the company's booth and will call the names of each participant on the list as needed by the reviewer. A chair will be available next to the volunteer for the next participant to wait in. Each upcoming participant slot name will be called up to three times. If a participant does not answer after the third time, he or she will be marked as a no-show, and the next participant on the list will be called.
  4. If there are more applications than available slots for a Company's schedule, after all slots are filled the remaining names will be placed on a waitlist in the order in which they were picked.
There is no guarantee that a company will complete its list or waitlist. In the case of a company not completing its list, it is up to each company to decide whether the list will be continued the next day or to have a new list drawing for that session.