Mark Evanier

Mark Evanier at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention Center

Writer, producer, comics historian, Kirby: King of Comics, Garfield

Mark Evanier has been writing comic books since he was 17, having started reading them when he was about that many minutes old. He apprenticed with the great Jack Kirby and has written much about Jack and comic book history. He's written countless comics including many with the superstars of Disney, Warner Brothers, and Hanna-Barbera, as well as Blackhawk and others for DC, and his own co-creations including The DNAgents, Crossfire, and Magnor. Plus, he does something (God knows what) on Groo the Wanderer with Sergio Aragonés. He's also written hundreds of hours for TV including sitcoms, variety shows and cartoons, including writing/producing 20 years of Garfield the Cat.