William Stout

William Stout at Comic-Con International 2018, July 19-23 at the San Diego Convention Center

Artist, illustrator, The Dinosaurs, Legends of the Blues

William Stout illustrated Coven 13 while attending CalArts, then assisted Russ Manning on the Tarzan of the Apes newspaper strips and Eisner Award-winning graphic novels. Stout worked for Cycle-Toons and Car-Toons, joined Kurtzman and Elder on Playboy’s  "Little Annie Fanny," and collaborated with Will Eisner and Moebius.

An early American contributor to Heavy Metal, Bill created the advertising for Wizards and 120 other films, then worked as a designer on over 40 films including Buck Rogers, the Conan films, Predator, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Disney’s Dinosaur, Men In Black, Masters of the Universe, and Pan’s Labyrinth. Return of the Living Dead made him the youngest production designer in film history.

Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Tales and The Little Blue Brontosaurus (1984 Children's Choice Award and the basis for The Land Before Time) followed Stout's groundbreaking The Dinosaurs—A Fantastic New View of a Lost Era. Michael Crichton acknowledged Stout's work as an inspiration for Jurassic Park. Stout has twelve prehistoric murals in the San Diego Natural History Museum and two more at the San Diego Zoo.

Stout co-founded the Comic Art Professional Society, designed their logo and was their tenth president. Over 24 million William Stout trading cards have been sold. Bill recently wrote and illustrated a story for Spook House and is the author-illustrator of Legends of the Blues. Stout has attended every single San Diego Comic-Con.