Bud Plant

Bud Plant at Comic-Con 2019, July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center

Pioneer comics retailer, publisher

Bud Plant began buying comics in 1961 and scored Fantastic Four #1 off the stands (but who knows where that went?). He started seriously collecting comics in 1964. Plant and his buddies opened their first comic shop in March 1968, and started Comics & Comix in 1972, which ran to 7 stores. He did catalogs of fanzines, underground comix and comics-related books, and set up at comic shows across the country. Plant got into distribution in 1984, but sold out to Diamond in 1988. He published a few fanzines with his friends, some underground comix, and zillions of catalogs. Today he collects Golden Age, does a few shows, still puts out catalogs, and writes weekly emails with all the new goodies at BudsArtBooks.com.