David Scroggy

David Scroggy at Comic-Con 2019, July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center

Former Comic Book Expo director; head of product development at Dark Horse Comics

David Scroggy has been involved with the comics business since he moved to California from his hometown of Akron, OH in 1975. There, he began a long association with the San Diego Comic Convention (now Comic-Con International), wrote a regular column for Comics Buyer’s Guide, and began working for Pacific Comics, an early comics retailer. When Pacific began publishing comic books in 1981, he served as editorial director.

After leaving Pacific Comics, Scroggy worked as an artist representative, and served as director of Comic Book Expo, the trade show associated with Comic-Con International.

In 1993 David joined Dark Horse Comics. He was asked to start a new department, Product Development, that would develop collectibles. He spent 23 years with Dark Horse, retiring in June 2017.

David Scroggy has won the Eisner Award (for Dark Horse’s comic-related products), Comic-Con’s Inkpot Award, and the Diamond Gem award