John Pound

John Pound at Comic-Con 2019, July 18-21 at the San Diego Convention Center

Comic-Con founding committee member; artist, Garbage Pail Kids

John Pound helped start the San Diego Comic-Con. Avoiding a real job, he drew underground comix and painted fantasy art prints, book covers, and comic covers. He loved humor art.

John moved to Northern California when he met Karen, his future wife.

Art Spiegelman invited him to paint Topps' "Garbage Pail Kids" stickers, a big hit and he painted hundreds. He also had art in BLAB, MAD, and JUXTAPOZ magazines.

For fast, irreverent art-making, he began writing computer code to make instant randomly- generated comics. His newer code generates random cartoon-like art prints, books, animations, and music videos. A code art compilation awaits publication. More info: