Special Guests

Comic-Con 2022 will be held July 21-24 (with Preview Night on July 20) at the San Diego Convention Center. The following special guests are confirmed for this year's event.

Jane Baer

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Jane Shattuck-Takamoto-Baer

Jane Shattuck-Takamoto-Baer began her career as an assistant animator on Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. She later animated on The Rescuers, The Fox & The Hound, and The Black Cauldron. Jane established Baer Animation Studios with her husband, Dale, where she redesigned/supervised animation on “Bennie-the-Cab” and produced the Toontown sequences for Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Later, as sole owner of Baer Animation, Jane produced for Sesame Street, animated the Freemont Street Experience in Las Vegas, and supervised animation on such films as Fletch Lives, Rover Dangerfield; Last Action Hero, and The Beautician and the Beast and was writer/executive producer on Annabelle’s Wish.

Tom Batiuk

Tom Batiuk

Tom Batiuk was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1947 and graduated from Kent State University in 1969 with a BFA and a certificate in education. In 1970, while he was teaching, he began drawing a panel for the Teen Page of the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. Those strips led to the creation of Funky Winkerbean in 1972. In 1979, he launched John Darling into syndication with Tom Armstrong. Another character from Funky, Ed Crankshaft, soloed in his own strip in 1987. Tom’s collaborator on Crankshaft was Chuck Ayers and is now Dan Davis. Batiuk was honored with an Inkpot Award from Comic-Con International in 1999, and in 2008, the Lisa’s Story arc from Funky was a Pulitzer finalist.

Jim Benton

Jim Benton

Jim is the New York Times bestselling author behind Catwad, Dear Dumb Diary, Franny K Stein, It’s Happy Bunny, Attack of the Stuff, Comet the Busted Up Reindeer, The Handbook, and Ernest Fann, coming soon from DC. His awards include top honors from LIMA, divisional awards from NCS, three Addy awards, and cartoon collections nominated for Eisner Awards. Beloved MAD magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragonés says, “Humor in print has many forms, what is amazing is that Jim Benton excels in all of them!”

Pierce Brown

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Pierce Brown

Photo: Joan Allen


Pierce Brown is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Red Rising series. Pierce’s work has been published in 33 languages and 35 territories. He lives in Los Angeles.

Cecil Castellucci

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Cecil Castellucci

Photo: Rachel Warecki


Cecil Castellucci is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of books and graphic novels for young adults, including Shade, The Changing Girl, Boy Proof, The Plain Janes, Soupy Leaves Home, The Year of the Beasts, Female Furies, Batgirl, and Odd Duck. Her newest graphic novel is Shifting Earth. Her short stories have been published in Strange Horizons, Tor.com, and other anthologies. She spends her time between Los Angeles and Montreal.

Soman Chainani

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Soman Chainani

Soman Chainani's debut series, The School for Good & Evil, has sold more than 3 million copies, has been translated into more than 30 languages across six continents, and will be a major motion picture from Netflix in 2022, starring Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington. His anthology of retold fairytales, Beasts & Beauty, was an instant New York Times bestseller, his seventh in a row. His next novel, Rise of the School For Good & Evil, will go on sale May 31, kickstarting a new series in his EverNever World universe.

Amy Chu

Amy Chu

Amy Chu is a writer for comics and TV and is a member of the faculty at the Kubert School and the School of Visual Arts. Her most recent work is the Netflix anime series DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, along with writing for Rick & Morty and Archie comics. For DC and Marvel she has written popular characters such as Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Deadpool, Ant-Man, and Iron Man. She is also known for her KISS, DMC, Red Sonja, and Green Hornet series and the children's graphic novels Sea Sirens and Sky Island with Eisner winner Janet Lee.

Gilbert Hernandez

Gilbert Hernandez

Gilbert Hernandez has been the co-creator of the comic book series Love and Rockets for 40 years. He was raised in Oxnard, California, with a comic book in his hand. He grew up loving comics and put all his comics influences into his work for his readers’ enjoyment. He is best known for his Palomar stories about magic realism among the folks in a small Latin American town. 

Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez

As a young aimless Latino punk rocker, Jaime Hernandez, along with his brothers Gilbert and Mario, self-published the first issue of Love and Rockets in 1981. It was picked up by Fantagraphics Books in 1982, and he has been doing comics since. He has also done illustrations for album covers and magazines and has won numerous awards, including being inducted into The Eisner Hall of Fame along with his brother Gilbert.

Keithan Jones

Comic-Con 2022 Special Guest: Keithan Jones

Keithan Jones is the founder of KID, an independent publisher based in San Diego, California. The mantra behind KID is “The Kid in You Never Dies,” a reminder that our childhood spirit is at the core of who we are no matter how old we get. KID’s first publication was Power Knights, which he writes and draws. Keithan created San Diego’s Black Comix Day: Heroes Rise, an annual Black History Month celebration of Afro-centric comics. He is also the current artist for Vortex Comics’ Chaos Breaker series. He was an Eisner Awards judge in 2021.

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

For over 30 years, Phil LaMarr has thrilled audiences with his work on camera and behind the mic on TV shows such as Mad TV, Futurama, Justice League, Samurai Jack, Static Shock, Family Guy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Young Justice, The CW’s The Flash and Supergirl, Veep, Masters of the Universe: Revelation, The Book of Boba Fett, Murderville, and Better Things; in such feature films as Pulp Fiction, Madagascar 2, Incredibles 2, The Lion King (2019), and My Little Pony: A New Generation; and video games including the Metal Gear Solid, Darksiders, Injustice, and Mortal Kombat series.

Kevin Maguire

Kevin Maguire

Kevin is a comic book creator whose career has spanned over 35 years. He debuted as the penciller in DC’s 1986 series Justice League. Since then he has worked on numerous series, including Adventures of Captain America, Man Of Steel, Supergirl, Metal Men, World’s Finest, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Defenders, Team Titans, X-Men Forever, Batman Confidential, Godzilla, Trinity Angels, Strikeback, and Tanga.