2023 Souvenir Book

2023 Souvenir Book Cover

The 2023 Souvenir Book is once again a downloadable pdf, filled with lots of full-color articles, including: centennial tributes to Mort Walker, Weird Tales, Disney Animation, Warner Bros., a 75th celebration of Pogo Comic Strip, and celebrations of the 50th anniversaries of Blade, Human Target, Red Sonja, Howard the Duck, Shang-Chi, the Direct Market as well as 50 plus years of Underground Comix.

The cover of the 2023 Souvenir Book features the art of Becky Cloonan. Cloonan’s work has appeared in DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Marvel comics, as well as album covers, gig posters, and even on buildings. Currently she is focusing on a new creator-owned book with DSTLRY.

The cover depicts a seemingly relaxed setting as the superhero takes time from their day to reflect and look forward to Comic-Con. Their fandom is on display as the iconic logo and Toucan mascot are hung proudly on the walls of their sanctuary.