Art Show

2023 Comic-Con Art Show

July 20th through July 23rd

The Comic-Con Art Show is open to the public... you do not need a badge to come in and enjoy, or purchase artwork. However, everyone entering the Art Show is expected to comply with all Terms and Conditions expected of our attendees.

You’ll see numerous original drawings, paintings, sculptures, pieces of jewelry, and more “unusual” items, all created and displayed by professional and amateur artists. In 2022, more than 700 items were sold by the 98 artists exhibiting in the Comic-Con Art Show.

If you want to add something to your collection, many of the pieces are offered for purchase by Silent Auction* or Quick-Sale.

Bidder numbers and Art Show information can be obtained from the administration table inside the Art Show. You must be 18 or older and have legal identification to purchase artwork, and payments may be made with cash or a credit card.

The Art Show also displays the nominated books and comics for this year’s Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. Come and see the best new works of the year!

For your convenience, the Art Show is open one hour after the Exhibit Floor closes on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday to make it easier to bid on or pick up your art.


Thursday: 11:00 AM–8:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM–8:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

*Silent Auction Final bidding closes Saturday at 6:00 PM.
Winning bids are posted at 9:00 AM Sunday morning.
Any Voice Auctions begin at 11:00 AM Sunday Morning
All purchased art must be picked up Sunday by 6:30 PM.
Quick-Sale items must be paid for immediately and picked up the same day.



Comic-Con 2023 Art Show Rules and Application

Dear Artist,

We hope you will consider exhibiting your artwork at the 2023 Comic-Con Art Show, to be held July 20th – 23rd (with Preview Night on July 19th) at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, just a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center.

In 2019, Comic-Con welcomed well over 135,000 attendees and exhibitors, making our event the premier event of its kind in the world. Among those attending are professionals from all areas of the popular arts including, but not limited to, comic book artists, writers, creators, and publishers, television and film writers, directors and executives, and artists of varying disciplines.

If you would like to have your work displayed in the Art Show, please be sure to read all the rules carefully -especially note the policy on abandoned artwork. As always, on the enclosed application is a statement that you must sign and date, acknowledging that you have read the rules and agree to follow them to receive display space within the show.

The attached survey will help event staff be able to place every artist within the show to their best advantage so please be sure to complete and return the survey as soon as possible. Artists who have not exhibited at our show previously will need to either email a sample or provide a web page URL showing the type of work they do. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please send an email to the Art Show Coordinator, LaFrance Bragg, at

While Comic-Con will provide security guards in the art show area, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen artwork.  Please be sure to mat your artwork, or in the case of 3-D art, please place it in an appropriate display. REMEMBER TO INSURE YOUR ARTWORK.

Once the art is on display, it is not to leave the art show area unless sold or removed permanently by the artist or the agent. There is NO ‘in and out’ removal/return of art pieces.

Remember, the art show fills up fast, so submit your application early and make your payment promptly. Your information packet, control sheets, and other forms you need will be mailed to you after your payment. Thank you, and we hope to see you at the show.

La France Bragg
Comic-Con Art Show Coordinator

Post Office Box 128458
San Diego, CA   92112-8458


Comic-Con 2023 Art Show Rules

Art Show rules may change from year to year.

Please READ THESE RULES CAREFULLY before applying!

Your digital signature on your application is your agreement to follow these rules and all applicable laws of the State of California and the United States where applicable. If you fail to comply, you will be removed from the Art Show and entry fees will not be refunded. Signing the application means you will be held to all the rules, whether you read them or not.

The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless Comic-Con against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense that arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of the exhibitor, his employees, or agents.

(1)       Each exhibition panel, table, or floor space rents for $40. The category in which an entrant applies will not affect the rates charged for display. There is no commission on sales. If you send an application in and have not made a payment, you do not have a reservation – nothing is assigned until your payment is made.

We accept mail-in artwork – if you wish to do this, please note it on the application (so that we know to expect it). If you are attending but wish to ship your artwork to the show and have us ship it to you after the show, there will be a service charge in addition to the return postage fees (alternatively, you can take the artwork yourself to the FedEx Office station in the Hyatt and handle it yourself).

(2)       Every artist exhibiting within the Art Show must sign, date, and submit the application. Each exhibiting artist must pay for at least 1 (one) art show space (no sharing of space unless all is under one artist). You may use an agent for one or more artists – but use one application for all, and one control sheet for all artists (you will be assigned one artist number for your use – not one for each artist).

(3)       Entries are limited to original works with themes of animation, comics, science fiction and fantasy, or fandom. These may be in any medium that can be displayed in our space.

(4)       Reproductions of any kind are allowed, but only one copy of any image may be shown in the Art Show.  Computer-generated art will be limited for entry and must be identified as such.

(5)       If you show artwork featuring a character that belongs to someone else, you must credit the owner/creator. For example, a drawing of Superman or Wolverine must be labeled on the physical artwork: “© DC Comics” or “© Marvel Comics”, respectively, in addition to having your signature. If an authorized agent of the copyright holder complains about the presence of the artwork in the show, we must (at minimum) change its status to ‘NOT FOR SALE’ or NFS (if you do not have written permission to use the property). We will not show artwork that defames any real person or any fictional character. The judgment of the Art Show Coordinator is final.

(6)       Comic-Con’s Art Show is open to viewers under 18 and is subject to the City of San Diego’s (adult materials) laws. Artwork unsuitable for our audience will not be displayed. Your art as it is displayed must be approved by the Art Show coordinator before your application will be accepted. The judgment of the Art Show coordinator in this matter is final. Please write or fax the Art Show Coordinator before the show if you have questions.

(7)        Two-dimensional works must have surfaces not easily damaged by hanging. This means that these pieces will be mounted and matted. If you feel that your artwork is valued at more than $100 per piece, we strongly recommend that before it is displayed that you frame or shrink-wrap the art. Please, no glass in frames – it breaks too easily (either in transit or if the hanging hardware is inadequate – use Plexiglass).

If your artwork is framed or is a canvas frame, we strongly suggest you use a hanging wire to put it on the board. A sawtooth hanger works fine for nails, but not pegboard hooks – it is likely to fall off the panel, and we cannot be held responsible for poor mounting. Using a row of hooks to perch your artwork on is also not acceptable (artwork will fall off the panel). If your artwork can’t be clamped with a standard bulldog clip, you must provide secure mounting hardware compatible with a standard pegboard hook. If we feel that your artwork cannot be displayed safely, we won’t allow it on a panel.

(8)       Our panels are generally 4’ x 4’ pegboard. If you intend to hang a business card holder, keep in mind that it must not interfere with bid sheets. The Art Show staff will not be responsible to supply business cards or flyers. We will provide hanging hardware (binder clips). We will be as careful as we can when hanging mail-in two-dimensional art; however, we will take no responsibility for pieces that are damaged in hanging or shipping. Artists need to estimate their space needs somewhat realistically – an artist that sets up on three 4’ x 4’ pegboard panels and places a single 6” x 6” picture on each risks having them all re-assigned (at the direction of the coordinator or senior staff) to one panel – we do not have the excess space to waste. If we are at capacity and are required to reassign/reduce your space, the difference in fees between what you paid and what you used will be refunded, of course. Also, if you send 36 ft2 worth of art for one panel, the laws of physics say that all will not get displayed.

It is the artist’s responsibility to properly mount their artwork – every year we get artwork that literally falls apart on the panel because the artist did not take the time to protect their artwork – we suggest you read the “Matting & Mounting Guideline” available on the website and sent to all confirmed artists to protect your artwork.

(9)           Three-dimensional display table spaces (most are 2½’ x 6’) will be available for the exhibitor/artist unless the art show coordinator grants an exception. Jewelry displayed in the artist’s own case will be placed on a full display table space. Oversized art will be displayed on the floor or on an easel behind pipe and drape (check beforehand – this is on a space-available basis). Please indicate on your application any special display needs, such as electric power, pipe and drape, etc.

(10)     Three-dimensional pieces submitted in the show require special attention. The art show will not accept mail-in 3-D art unless it is insured. Attending artists or their agents should set up their own 3-D pieces. Display cases for jewelry are highly recommended. Every sculpture for sale should be shown in a protective display case. Please provide individual shipping boxes with packing materials for all three-dimensional art. This is for your art’s protection and for transport by a buyer. The Comic-Con Art Show staff takes no responsibility for pieces that are damaged in handling while in transit or in the show.

(11)     All artwork must be clearly labeled (by printing, not longhand). Make certain that each piece has on its back the artist’s name and address, the artist’s number, the piece number, and the minimum bid (in the case of smaller 3-D artwork, a removable dot linked to the bid sheet). You must use our standard forms – one that is larger or smaller will not be accepted, and you will have to re-write your forms (we provide a fillable PDF series of forms so you can do everything on your computer). Use regular paper stock – nothing heavier or bound in some sort of book. You must print out & bring in all your own forms – only mail in your paperwork if you are mailing in your art.

By default, the sale of the artwork does NOT include reproduction rights. If your entry is a print, it must have several additional statements. If it is an unlimited-run print, it must be labeled as such. For a print in a limited series there must be the number in the print run, the print medium, and, if the print is an art print (that is, a print made by any of the traditional art processes), the printer used. If the plate has been destroyed, the date it was destroyed must be included in this statement.

California Artist’s Moral Rights Law regarding art sales requires all of these items. Please see the most recent edition of any artists’ law reference books or talk with an art lawyer if you have any further questions.

(12)     We will not reserve space for you until your signed and dated application has been approved, and the invoice emailed to you has been paid in full.

(13)     We will accept reservations for space in the Art Show until June 30th, or until the Art Show is sold out (whichever is first). Walk-in artists will be accepted on a first-come and space-available basis.  Walk-ins may pay with a debit/credit card, cash, or check.

IMPORTANT! In addition to submitting your application, if you have not previously exhibited in our art show please provide a website where we may view your work, or email a sample photo of your work to the Art Show Coordinator at

(14)     Upon payment of your invoice, you will be assigned an artist number and sent an information packet with copies of a control sheet, bid sheet, check-out procedure, etc. Information & rules are on our website “”. You will ONLY be assigned an artist number after your application has been accepted and you have paid in full.

(15)     Once a piece is entered into the show, you cannot change its conditions of sale, such as ‘NFS’ status. A piece is considered to have been entered when the minimum bid price or bid sheet is posted beside the work.

(16)     Comic-Con will accept mailed-in art and hang it for the artist. You may pick it up yourself or designate an agent to be responsible for the return of the artwork. If you mail in your artwork, provide a box that can be re-used (if the box is too damaged to be accepted by the shipping company, you will be charged for a new box). Unsold artwork that is to be returned to an artist must either have return postage paid prior to the show, or a prepaid return shipping label – otherwise, your artwork may not be sent back to you. Please do not ask us to use sales proceeds to cover return shipping costs (there is always the possibility of no art sales, which means you don’t get your art back).


Artwork bid on, but not yet paid for at the time local artists pick up their artwork is considered NPU (Not Picked Up) and should be taken by the artist (if you leave the artwork, we will need to ship it back to you at your expense if the bidder does not show up – this does not apply to mail-in artists).

(18)     Comic-Con does not have insurance on any artwork being displayed or stored. You are responsible for your own insurance (check your homeowner’s or renter’s policy; you may have appropriate coverage there).

(19)     The Silent Auction ends at the art show closing time on Saturday. The number of written bids required to send a piece to voice auction is eight. If we receive fewer than eight bids on a piece it will be sold for the highest written bid. The Voice Auction will be held on Sunday. The highest bidder, either by voice or by the last written bid, will purchase the piece.

(20)     Quick Sale. You have the option of allowing pieces to be sold during the Art Show at a Quick Sale price or for the highest bid at the close of the Art Show. Please indicate whether each piece is available for quick sale by writing the dollar amount on the bid sheet in the proper box. The Quick Sale dollar amount should be higher than the minimum bid. After the bidding is closed on Saturday, pieces without any bids will be sold at the Quick Sale price, if one is listed.  Once an item has a bid in the “Silent Auction,” it is no longer eligible for Quick Sale.

(21)     Buyers must pay in full including sales tax and pick up their purchase before the close of the Art Show daily. No art will be available for sale after the convention. Art that has been bid on and has not been picked up by the bidder or artist at the close of the Comic-Con Art Show, and no pickup arrangements were made with the Art Show Coordinator, will be considered abandoned and immediately following the show will be handled in accordance with our policies. (Refer to policies #17 and #27).

(22)     You will be paid within six weeks after the convention closes for art that was sold. No payments will be made at the show. To assist artists in safeguarding their legal rights as creators of their works (as specified, for example, by California Artist's Moral Rights Law), Comic-Con will provide each artist or exhibitor with a record of all purchasers’ names in your accounting sheet (which comes with your check).

(23)     The Art Show will be available for artist set-up the Wednesday before Comic-Con opens, from 10 AM to 5 PM (times tentative), and Thursday morning at 9 AM. Any person or agent representing an artist(s) for delivery, hanging, displaying, pickup, or questions regarding the artist or the works, needs to be identified on the entry form as an agent. Written exemptions will be allowed at the convention on a limited basis.

When filling out the forms in your information packet, make sure you print NEATLY (not long-hand, but like you were taught in 1st grade – with 150+ artists, 3200+ pieces of art, and 700+ bidders, deciphering chicken scratches takes a LOT of time; time we don’t have at the show – the last few years, basic data entry wasn’t complete till Monday or Tuesday after the show), and be sure the information on the bid sheet is reflected on the control sheet (yes, we DO need to know what your minimum bid or NFS status is – having it on the bid sheet on the panel doesn’t help the person doing data entry at the desk). Number items in sequence (starting with ‘1’), and always put your artist number on the bid sheet. All items you wish to place in the show need to be listed on the control sheet (if it’s under our roof, we need to know about it). Please also give us your ZIP+4 (for U.S. artists) – we need it for getting your sales checks to you faster; if you don’t give it, that’s an extra step we have to take to secure the information.

Plan to attach the bid sheets to the artwork (whenever possible), NOT the pegboard. Not only does the tape tend to rip fibers from the pegboards, but if the bid sheet is not attached to the artwork, it can get lost if the art is removed from the pegboard. And use the minimum amount of masking or blue painter’s tape needed to attach the bid sheet to the artwork – dealing with wads of sticky tape after the show is over when the accountant tries to go through the paperwork slows the process down. If your use of excess / banned tape damages the board, or you use non-standard hanging hardware that damages the board, you will be charged a repair fee to fix the board.

(24)     The Art Show exhibition hours for Thursday through Sunday will be posted on-site and announced in the Comic-Con events guide.

(25)     ART SHOW SILENT BIDDING WILL END AT ART SHOW CLOSING TIME SATURDAY. At the close of Silent Bidding, artists displaying art NFS, and/or any pieces without bids that are unavailable for Quick Sale, may withdraw their art on Sunday before the art show opens to the general attendees. Artists and buyers may make pick-up arrangements for their art before the time of the convention closing on Sunday.

(26)     To protect artists’ copyrights, there will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOTAPING in the Art Show without a release of responsibility of Comic-Con from the artists and with the prior approval of the Art Show Coordinator. This includes cell phones equipped with cameras. Persons taking pictures risk being removed from the show, having film confiscated, and digital images erased under staff supervision.

(27)     As a reminder, the Art Show is staffed and run by volunteers. In all matters, the decision of the Art Show Coordinator is final. The exhibitor agrees to protect, keep, and hold Comic-Con forever harmless from any damages(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any law or ordinance by any exhibitor, their employees, or agents, as well as for failure to comply with the terms and agreements. Remember, the exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and hold harmless Comic-Con against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of the exhibitor, their employees, agents or buyers.

(28)     If you have any questions about these rules or have any special requirements, please e-mail or write the Art Show Coordinator, LaFrance Bragg via Comic-Con Art Show.

(29)     REMEMBER, EVEN IF YOU GET INTO THE ART SHOW, YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE CONVENTION CENTER WITHOUT A COMIC-CON BADGE. The Art Show does not provide you with a Comic-Con badge. Since the Art Show is located outside the Convention Center, you can enter the Art Show without a badge. DO NOT go to a scalper for a badge – badges purchased from unauthorized sources are probably fraudulent, and we will not be able to help you recover anything. ONLY obtain your Comic-Con badges from official Comic-Con sources. Also, if you have artwork that you can’t bring down via public transportation OR you have not reserved parking near the Convention Center, we CAN NOT secure you a parking space. There will be a limited-use loading zone available for the Art Show – but only to unload, and then move your car. You CAN NOT leave your car parked in the loading zone while setting up.