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Exclusive Product

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WETA Workshop


Possessed Bilbo Mini Epic

Thanks to the wickedly creative minds of the Weta Workshop collectibles crew, this work of nightmares has been bought to life as an exclusive for SDCC 2019. 

Introducing Possessed Bilbo, startling on screen for all of two seconds. Burned into our minds for all of eternity.

It's a dangerous business to miss out.

Price: $30

Xenomorph Mini Epic

Weta Workshop has spawned a genetically modified species of Xenomorph, now known as a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive with superior camouflage capability and double-jawed strength.

This highly stylised figure stands at 7 inches tall with a pale exoskeleton and protruding inner jaw.

It should be displayed safely away from small, furry things.

Price: $30