Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival


Best Action/Adventure Film - Her Name Was No One

Best Animated Film - Streets of Fury

Best Comics-Oriented Film - Captain Kinesis

Best Documentary - Animation Outlaws

Best Horror/Suspense Film - Pure Gold

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Film - Re-Live

Best Humor Film - Tree #3

Judges’ Choice Award - Tree #3 


The 21st year of this fantastic event features 50 great films, from 7 different pop culture genres including Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary (Pop Culture-Oriented), Horror/Suspense, Humor, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

We've participating filmmakers from all over the world, including Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and the United States.

The schedule also includes the return of the popular ongoing panel series Comic-Con Film School, a daily series of how-to panels on filmmaking, plus additional film-related panels on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

On Sunday, the CCI-IFF Awards will be presented, followed by screenings of the award-winning films.

This year's judges are film and television creature and concept designer

Neville Page, actor/comedian/writer/producer Bobby Herbeck, and host/journalist/film critic Grae Drake.

The CCI-IFF takes place in the Marriott Marquis and Marina Hotel, next door to the Hall A side of the convention center. The Film Festival room is on the second level of the Marriott Grand Ballroom 6.


Bobby Herbeck
Bobby Herbeck

Celebrating 50 years in the entertainment business as an actor, comedian, writer and producer. A Chandler High School and Arizona State Sun Devil the Harvard of the west alumnus. His first TV show as an actor was the Outsider series with Darren McGavin. Followed by a host of other TV shows & stage musicals. Bobby is a charter member of the Comedy Store which opened in April of 1972. Later became a member of the Comedy Store Players comedy troupe which in time became the infamous Groundlings which has been a breeding ground for many Saturday Night Live regulars, film and TV stars. While working as the audience warmup man for a Norman Lear show the producers encouraged the Hollywood 'Warmup King' to punch up the shows scripts. Then pushed him into pitching episode stories and finally buying some of his stories and mentoring him as a sitcom writer. Writing for several TV shows. Now he had a full hand to exploit his talent performing comedy on several levels, as a writer, actor, producer and comedian. Then came the break of his career when he wrote and produce the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film. Which turned out be a huge success in spite of three months of being turned down as he wall papered Hollywood trying to get the film made. Now the franchise is celebrating it's 30th Anniversary.


Grae Drake
Grae Drake

Host, journalist and media sensationalist Grae Drake, is, without a doubt, one of America’s most celebrated personalities in entertainment journalism. With her signature pink hair and devil-may-care attitude, she’s been cementing her place in the hearts and minds of viewers and celebrities alike. As the former Senior Editor of media mega-site Rotten Tomatoes and Ms. Moviefone, Grae lives at the center of the entertainment universe with her highly acclaimed sit-downs with Hollywood’s A-List. Her piercing wit matched with her one-a-kind expert analysis of all things media has made her the “Go-To Gal” for a variety of programs across multiple TV networks including NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s World News Tonight, Syfy channel, Good Day LA, Fox News Channel, CNN and HLN, as well as co-hosting the Reelz Channel Preview Review series with revered film critic Leonard Maltin. Grae’s news, views and opinions can also be heard on terrestrial radio syndicated across North America. Grae was also honored by the Publicists Guild with the 2017 Press Award for her outstanding contributions at the 54th Annual ICG Publicist Awards


Neville Page
Neville Page

Neville Page is an award-winning creature, costume, and concept designer whose credits include Super 8WatchmenStar TrekTron: LegacyCloverfieldPrometheus, and Avatar.  As the creature designer for the Star Trek universe in both features (Star Trek Into Darkness) and television (Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard,) and as one of the celebrity judges for the SyFy television series Face Off, Neville brings an intimate knowledge of both practical special makeup effects and digital creature design. Neville has been nominated for six Emmys, of which he has won two, and is currently working on Star Trek: Picard as the lead creature designer.



10:00–11:00: Comic-Con Film School 101: Pre-Production


11:05–12:50: Hand Drawn Life
12:50–2:15: At the Video Store
2:15-3:40: Animation Outlaws
3:45-4:45: PANEL: Non Fiction Filmmaking for the Digital Age
5:00–5:25: Superheroes & Me
5:30-6:30: PANEL: The ABCs of Microbudget Filmmaking: How To Get Your Story to the Big Screen
6:35-6:45: Legion
6:45-7:45: The 14th February & Beyond
7:45-8:30: James Bama an Artist's Life
8:30-9:30: PANEL: James Bama Remembrance


10:00–11:00: Comic-Con Film School 102: Production


11:05–11:35: The Speed of Time
11:35–12:00: Leveling Up
12:00–12:30: I don't know
12:30–1:00: Tree #3
1:00-2:00: PANEL: The Role of Makeup in Film

Action Adventure

2:05–2:35: El Luchador
2:35–2:55: Her Name Was No One
2:55–3:15: Manhunt
3:15-4:20: Nightmare Nara
4:20-4:40: Wildflower
4:45-5:45: PANEL: Development to Distribution

Science Fiction/Fantasy

5:50–6:20: Ji
6:20-6:40: Starcrossed
6:40-7:10: What Katy Did
7:10-7:35: Sonny Vicious
7:35–8:05: Uprising
8:05-8:15: Dummy Love
8:15-8:25: Re-Live
8:25-8:45: Anemone
8:45-9:00: Blink


10:00–11:00: Comic-Con Film School 103: Actors and Crew


11:05-11:25: Voyager
11:25-11:45: Routine: The Prohibition
11:45-12:05: The Credits Movie
12:05-12:25: Prickly Jam
12:25-12:35: Kindled
12:35-12:50: Bristled
12:50-1:20: Blue & Malone
1:20-1:25: Streets of Fury
1:25-1:30: Pantyhose
1:30-1:45: Them
1:45–2:45: PANEL: Mobile Filmmaking: How To Make A Movie Using A SmartPhone


2:50–3:15: Captain Kinesis
3:15–3:35: Clark
3:35-4:05: The Bee
4:05-4:25: Bennett's 5th Realm


4:25-4:50: The Fox Creek Carver
4:50-5:25: Ghost in the Gun
5:25-5:50: Duérmete Niño
5:50-6:05: Sleep
6:05-6:30: One in Two People
6:30-7:00: Conspiracy Cruise
7:00-8:00: PANEL: Bringing Films to Life: Building Professional and Fan-Made Props
8:00-8:30: Lekaime
8:30-9:00: Pure Gold
9:00-9:25: Exit Therapy
9:25-9:30: There's Something In the Lake
9:30-9:50: The Reflection


10:00–11:00: Comic-Con Film School 104: Post Production
11:00–12:00: CCI–IFF Awards Presentation
12:00–5:00: CCI–IFF Award Winners Showcase (Winners and times TBA)