The largest celebration of the popular arts in the world returns in 2022, and with it there will be movies! The Comic-Con Films Program brings you classic films, serials, cartoons, modern masterpieces, and maybe even some schlock cinema to enjoy. From morning until late into the night, the projectors will show a bevy of stories from all ages of the Silver Screen!

Located at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Grand Ballroom 5, our film screenings kick off on Preview Night at 6:00 pm, then continue every day starting at 10:00 am until late at night, all the way through Saturday! We are also part of night-time programming in the Convention Center, taking over Room 4 in the evening. See our schedule in the Event Guide for more details!

The Comic-Con Films Program is proud to show movies in high-definition video, with stereo sound. Please enjoy the show, and respect your fellows by silencing your cell phones, and not speaking during the movies, (with the exception of sing-a-longs, and audience participation films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

Click on a film below to view more information.

Note: The times listed are based on your current time zone.