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The Comic-Con Films Program is here to entertain you with quality screenings from morning until late into the night at the Marriott Marquis Grand Ballroom 5, Wednesday through Saturday, and in the evening in Convention Center Room 4, Thursday through Saturday.

This year's screenings of popular favorites and newer, perhaps unseen films will be starting bright and early at 10:00AM each day, starting on Thursday, at the Marriott Marquis Grand Ballroom 5, with an evening schedule on Wednesday night, starting at 5:00 PM. So whether it’s a film you’ve been dying to see or you just really want to have someplace to sit and relax a bit away from the chaos of the Exhibit Hall floor, drop by the Films Room anytime and escape to realms of myth and legend, run away with friends in search of adventure in imaginary worlds, join with extraordinary heroes and heroines to save mankind from utter destruction, and celebrate some of the world’s most popular comic characters, alive on the silver screen!